How to Repair Scratched Glass

Repair Scratched Glass

Have you noticed that the glass of your car or one of the windows is scratched, maybe your watch has fallen scratching the face or much worse than the scratch is on a mirror.

How to repair scratched glass? Follow the steps that we explain you next and with it, you will be able to fix in an easy way, any scratch.

How to Repair Scratched Glass

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When we discover a scratch on a crystal, we don’t really know what to do, but the truth is that we have several remedies which we can apply depending on the magnitude of the damage.

In this occasion we will see together which are the best remedies that we can apply in case of scratches in the crystal.

Steps to repair scratched glass

Let’s see what remedies we can use to fix scratched crystals depending on how the scratches are.

If the scratch is small:

  1. If the scratches are small, we can intervene with a liquid solution of copper detergent, which can also be used on glass, applying a small dose on a small piece of sandpaper and then passing it over the scratch.
  2. In a similar way you can also apply a little toothpaste, let it rest and then rub with a clean cloth.

This procedure helps smooth out the damaged part. For slightly deeper injuries, there are other remedies; but if the part is too damaged, it should be noted that there is almost nothing that can guarantee a perfect result.

If the rind is large:

  1. However, if the scratch is large, it is possible to try to improve the situation with a little floor-cleaning wax.
  2. Apply the wax lightly with a cotton swab over the area to be treated. Let it stand for several minutes and then wipe off any traces with a wet cloth.
  3. Dry the glass with absorbent paper and then wipe with a soft cloth.
  4. Another equally efficient remedy involves the use of cerium oxide. This is a powder found in construction shops for a few euros. For this procedure, you must apply it on the scratch, although previously you will have to dilute in water.

If the scratch is in the glass of the vitro:

  1. If the scratch affects the stoves of vitroceramic cooker, in this case it is recommended to create a small paste with water and sodium bicarbonate and apply it with the help of a cloth on the scratches and clean gently with circular movements.
  2. Alternatively the pastes that are sold on the market to remove metal scratches may be fine, but always perform a preliminary test to avoid damaging the glass.

Other Options:

You can also get digital manuals about home repairs and cleaning at AmazonWalMartCostcoSams ClubChedrauiCarrefour, aliexpress, alibaba MercadoLibre LidlAldi shein or ebay. Each of these manuals can be found in great online offers.

In large seasons they offer large discounts on household cleaning items, as well as tools for home repairs.

In addition, you can find free tips apps from Google Play or in the App Store.

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