How To Repair Youtube 500 Error On Android Cell Phones Fast And Easy

If when you try to navigate a Youtube channel and you take the 500 internal error of the Youtube server. Don’t worry, it’s not a virus, it’s not your internet connection or anything like that.

Youtube error 500 Android is a problem that youtube will not take long to solve. But in case you are in a hurry to do so, you must follow our instructions.

Youtube 500 Error

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I was looking for and reading a lot of post about this error, looking for a way to fix the error. However there is not much information about Youtube Error 500 Android. Maybe there’s a post but they’re in English, which I had to translate.

What this 500 Youtube problem is all about is nothing less than HTTP status code. It is unable to give the specific reason about the exact problem, an error that comes from the Youtube servers side. It’s not on your computer or your Android cell phone, that’s for sure.

How To Fix Youtube 500 Error In Android, The Best Solution

If you don’t mind this problem, we can certainly try updating the website first. If we are in the cell phone we just have to slide down to update the web. But if we’re on a computer, we can press the F5 key.

On the other hand we could also try turning off the internet, putting the phone in flight profile. In addition we can also turn off and restart the cell phone, usually this will help us a lot.

If the above methods do not work, you can try the following solutions. With this we are more than sure that we will repair Youtube error 500 Android very fast.

Possibly this error is coming out in several web browsers, so we bring you a solution for each.

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Solution in Internet Explorer 6:

Here we have to go to the option Tools > Internet Options. Here we will look for the option to delete cookies, then in delete history.

Solution for Internet Explorer 7:

Tools > Internet Options > DeleteDelete
Files > Delete
Cookies > Delete
History > Close (
Browsing History

How To Repair Youtube 500 Android Error In Mozilla Firefox 3:

Tools > Clear Private Data[X]
Browsing History[X]
Download History[X]
Saved Forms and Search History[X]
Cookies > Clear Private Data Now

Repair Youtube Error 500 in Internet Explorer 8:

Tools > Delete browsing history.
Preserve Favorites (leave blank)
[X] temporary Internet files
[X] cookies.
X] History > Delete

Fix 500 Youtube error in Mozilla Firefox 3.5 / 3.6:

Tools > Clear recent history
to clarify: > All[X]
Navigation details and downloads History[X]
saved forms and search history[X]
X] Cache
> Clear now

Fix Youtube error 500 on Google Chrome:

Tools (key) > Clear browsing data[X]
Clear browsing history[X]
Clear download history[X] Clear
Clear cookiesDelete
data for this period: > All > Clear browsing data

Fix Youtube error 500 in Apple Safari 3:

Edit > Preferences > Security (TAB) > Show Cookies > Delete All > DoneAfter that
: > Safari > Clear Cache > ClearAfter that: >
History > Delete History

Take the option that works best for you, as long as it corresponds to the browser you have. Delete the data and cookies that’s the first thing we have to do. We are sure that with these solutions you will be able to repair youtube error 500 on Android or PC.

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