How to scan documents with your Android smartphone

How to scan documents

Until recently, scanning a document was a heavy task, especially if you didn’t have a scanner at home and had to go to a copy shop.

How to scan documents

That’s over, since we have a small scanner in our pocket. With our Android smartphone we can take photos of documents and pass them to PDF format instantly, automatically digitizing the document in question.

These are the best applications for scanning documents with your smartphone.


It is one of the best applications in this field, and my personal recommendation. It has a perfect and intuitive design, which makes it impossible to get lost in the handling of it. You can use it without registration, but paid users enjoy cloud space and other features.

It works like any camera application, just focus the smartphone and take the photo of the document or image you want by pressing the shutter.

You can choose whether the document has a single page or multiple pages. Then you can edit and save in PDF format.

We can also convert images into PDF from our gallery. In addition, it has a trimming and image retouching process (manual and automatic) that will make our documents sharper and more legible.

It also has a system of labels so that you don’t lose a single document. All files are saved in the CamScanner folder.

Google Drive

Gogle Drive has long had the ability to scan and convert photos taken with a smartphone camera into a PDF file. And of course every document is going to be saved directly in our cloud.

This is a recommended option if you do not want to install any more applications on your smartphone.

Just go to the Google Drive application and click on the add symbol (‘+’). Then a small menu will appear with several options among which is to scan.

By choosing the scan option the camera will be activated and we will be able to take a photo of the document.

The application will adjust the scan directly to the edges of the sheet if the contrast with the background is sufficient.

Once taken the image will be shown in black and white, but we can choose the contrast mode in which we want to save the document.

When everything is in order we just have to confirm, and the PDF file will synchronize directly with our Google Drive in the cloud. The bad thing? That you’re obligated to upload the documents to Drive before you can share them with others.


In terms of organization, Evernote is one of the most popular applications. One of its capabilities is to be able to scan a document and link it to a note.

It is very simple just click on add in the application and you can choose several options among which is ‘Document’.

But be careful, since this application needs a little more contrast than the previous ones to correctly adjust the corners of the document, so if the paper is white make sure the table is dark.

It works similarly to Google Drive, but instead of storing it in the Gogle service, it links it to your Evernote account.


This is a specialized application for scanning business cards. In addition to archiving the image of the card, in case you lose it, it is able to recognize the information it contains and create a contact for you to save directly in your address book.

The application itself also has a card holder so you can search among the cards you have if you do not remember exactly what was called that contact you met last week.

Adobe Scan

This free application allows you to scan any type of document. It’s easy and convenient to use and with it you can have all your documents on your smartphone in the blink of an eye. In addition, it recognizes the text automatically (OCR), which makes it quite accurate.

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