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  1. How to sell a house
    1. The most common errors
    2. Precise appraisal of the dwelling
    3. 2. Marketing Strategy
  2. How to prepare your home for sale
    1. Reforms needed
    2. The ambience of the house
    3. A floor plan does no harm
    4. Immediate feedback
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How to sell a house

The average time in any place to sell an apartment is nine months. However, there are many factors that influence whether the delay is longer or shorter, especially if the sale is made as a private individual or if a real estate professional is involved in the process.

The economic difficulties and the crisis that still shadows in several places have changed a lot the rules of what works or not to sell your flat at a reasonable price.

How to sell a house in no time
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However, since last year there has been a progressive recovery and mortgages are back at the time of day, making this the best time to buy your own home or sell the one you have.

Of course, that's easy to say, but selling a flat is sometimes more complicated than it sounds, but there are some tips we can follow to make sure it's a business that benefits both parties:

-Prepare the pertinent documentation before putting it on sale: this will save you many inconveniences at the time of closing the contract of sale and doing the transfer of property, especially in a matter of time.

Documentation is vital to complete the sale and if you do not have it complete, you may run the risk of losing important offers.

-Value your home: if you have no idea of the numbers around the real estate market, you need a comparative analysis to know how much your home is worth according to the square meters, the physical state of the property and the place where it is located.

The houses are not worth the same in the same places, not even having the same characteristics, because the price per square meter varies from one city to another. After all, if you put a lower price on it, you could end up losing money and if it's too high, you'll have a hard time selling it.

Seek professional advice: for pricing issues and other arrangements that are necessary when selling your apartment, it is always best to get advice from a professional who can help you cover details that you may overlook.

You can keep their services until the apartment is sold or just have their advice and then continue with your account with the sale.

-The strategy of the visits: when you are showing the property, the best thing is that the environment is ours, so that potential buyers get the feeling of visiting a show flat.

This includes removing all personal items from the house, including those that may be in the bathrooms.

The professionals recommend following the example of the big construction companies and creating an elegant atmosphere before the visit, because this increases the enthusiasm of the buyers and allows them to visualize themselves better occupying that space.

The most common errors

The Monapart real estate network identified the most frequent mistakes that you usually make when, thirsting for profits, you put a house up for sale. Remoras that stand in your way and you must avoid at all costs. Write them down in your logbook:

  • Incorrect valuation of the dwelling
  • Ignorance of the local market
  • Ineffectiveness in the management of the operation

Once put on the table the obstacles that spoil the operation, perpetuating it to despair, you should strive to apply these tricks so that your home exudes appetizing aromas. Impossible to ignore them; too appealing.

Precise appraisal of the dwelling

The price has to be adjusted to reality. You can't go freelancing in this real estate thing. You must adapt to what the market decrees, adapt to its comings and goings.

To know the balance of the prices will help you to fix the amount of the housing, for that reason your best option goes by going to a company appraiser of renown. Reliability without margin of error.

2. Marketing Strategy

A well-developed strategy equals a guaranteed victory. You must draw up a marketing plan that is varied, with rich content and quality. Otherwise, how do you intend to engage your audience?

How to prepare your home for sale

Just as when we meet a person, the most important thing is the first impression they make on us; with a house, the same thing happens.

If we want to sell our house quickly it is essential that potential buyers when they see our ad or visit it fall in love at first sight.

The appearance of the house will in many cases be more important than other details, as it will help us make a quicker decision motivated by emotions and not so much for reasons.

Today, it is very fashionable what has been called Home staging English term that refers to the staging of a house.

It is a technique of the real estate market that consists of making some changes in the house so that it is more attractive for sale. The changes that can be made quickly and that will help us in the sale are:

  1. Harmonize. To condition the living space, highlight the strong points and which can be more attractive.
  2. Despersonalize. When someone visits our house to buy it we have to take into account that they do not want to see what our home is like, but to feel if that space could become theirs. They will see the potential of the house to make it a special place and to their liking.   That's why it's important to remove personal things such as photos and paintings, and leave a more neutral decor that everyone can like. In addition if it is a minimalist decoration, visitors will be able to focus on the characteristics and state of the house.
  3. Lighting. It would be important to make the visit at a time when we have natural light, if not, we must have good lighting. One trick is to buy a light bulb that provides a natural light and place the lamps so that we enhance lighting that transmits comfort.
  4. Organization In order to get a quick purchase decision the order is necessary. If we remove some unusable objects, and the rest of things we order them, it will give a sensation of greater amplitude.
  5. Cleaning. It is important to clean thoroughly, especially the kitchen and bathrooms. We can also place an air freshener or some flowers that will help the house always smell great.
  6. Repairs. If we want to sell as soon as possible, it is sometimes necessary to invest a small amount of money in fixing small defects, so that the house is more attractive and sold earlier.
  7. Comfort. It is essential that during the visit have a sense of comfort, we talked about placing an air freshener for the smell, but equally important will be to have a pleasant temperature, and the absence of noise or other external discomfort.
  8. Decoration. This will depend a lot on whether the house we are selling is our current home or an unused home. For example, if we inherit a house and it is old, the furniture will probably be in bad shape or out of fashion. Therefore, it would be advisable to evict it or equip it with some new furniture. If it is a single-family house we will also have to take care of the garden or garage.
  9. Size It is a reality that smaller or medium sized homes are now more easily sold. So one possibility to earn more money and sell your home faster, is to perform a segregation or housing division project. This way, if you have a house with many square meters, you could divide it in two and sell them separately.

Reforms needed

Take a look at the house and then don't lie. Seriously, what do you see? A bathroom older than María Castaña, pipes more clogged than the M-30, a floor that looks like an unassembled puzzle...

Well, it looks like someone is looking for a refurbishment company, doesn't it? We already know that the concept of renovation is linked to that of expenses.

But have you thought about the benefits that you will get from these works? Because according to Monapart, the public usually values the improvements of the house 25% above its real price. What more do you need to carry them out?

The ambience of the house

The image has to be taken care of. And here we do not come to defend the mandates that reign in today's society, where superficiality is the law and aesthetics its main article.

What we want to say is that the house - decorated as if it were a first date - has to make a good first impression.

The potential client has to leave the property as if Cupid had done his own, his heart beating to the rhythm of war drums. You will have to take care of the presentation of the house; its beauty will have to enter through the eyes.

A floor plan does no harm

Extending a map of the territory you are going to offer is understood as an invaluable help; few sellers show such a high degree of empathy.

If you add in your advertisement a plan of the house, a sketch of the surface that the future owner will step on, the interested parties will bang on the door of the building until it almost falls down.

They will lack a battering ram! Do you know the work you will be saving the buyer? They won't have to imagine the structure of the house through your description; you'll be putting it in front of their eyes.

Immediate feedback

Do not delay too long in answering the doubts, consultations or questions that mortify the candidates. For the person who launches into the real estate search, a timely response is a caress that attenuates their discomfort.

It says a lot about who's trying to sell the property. On the other hand, it is important to point out an evidence in which maybe now you don't fall; maybe the trees prevent you from seeing the forest: if you are fast solving questions, you will be accelerating the sales process. Haven't you noticed?

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