How to share the internet from your smartphone with other devices

How to share the internet

One of the most useful tricks you can do with your smartphone is to share your Internet signal, which comes through your data rate, with other devices.

Either that or set up a WiFi network to connect multiple devices and share files.How to share the internet

Much like turning your terminal into a router. This is a feature that is in every smartphone in the world, but there are users who do not yet know it. We explain how to take advantage of it through these simple steps.

To share internet we have two main options: through a Wi-Fi network or through Bluetooth. The internet source will be your 3G or 4G data rate (depending on coverage).

You have to keep in mind that if you share with a computer, the web optimized for desktop devices weigh more than the mobile ones so you will spend more data.

Share the internet over WiFi

Setting up a WiFi zone

To be able to share the internet or set up a wireless network we must configure the WiFi zone that will create our smartphone. Go to Settings > More > Wi-Fi Anchor and Zone > Portable Wi-Fi Zone > Set up Wi-Fi Zone.

Once the configuration option has been selected, we will be able to modify the name of the WiFi network that we are going to generate and, most importantly, the password.

You can also choose the type of band and the broadcast channel, but unless you know what you’re doing it’s best to leave the default values.

Connect via Wi-Fi

Once configured, we will be able to share our mobile data. Activate the option under Settings > More > Wi-Fi Anchorage and Zone > Portable Wi-Fi Zone. There we will find the name of our Wi-Fi zone, we just have to activate it.

When a device wants to connect to your network, it must search for Wi-Fi in the normal way, until it finds the name you have chosen for the network, as well as enter the password you have set yourself.

This is not only valid for smartphones, but you can use it with any other device, be it a PC, a TV or any element with a Wi-Fi receiver.

Share the internet via Bluetooth

To share the internet via Bluetooth the first thing we have to do is pair up the two devices. Activate it from Settings > Bluettoth > Activate Bluetooth > Search. In this way, the two smartphones will already be connected.

Whoever shares the data, should press Setting > More > Anchorage and Wi-Fi Zone > Bluetooth Anchorage, and it will be active. Now it is necessary that the device that want to receive Internet make effective the connection.

Under Settings > Bluetooth you must click on the icon to the right of the device (usually a gear) with which it is paired and activate the Internet Access option.

When you’re done sharing the Internet, turn off the function marked above to save battery power.

Remember that the volume of data can rise quite a bit when sharing with several devices, so be careful not to exceed your maximum GB, as then there may come a surprise in the form of an exorbitant bill.

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