How to sleep a baby from day one

How to sleep

The first four months of a baby’s life are vital to getting your little one into proper sleep habits. In this stage the small one needs besides the affection and the care, to sleep and to be fed.

His diet is as irregular as sleep, so we will teach you to educate him from the womb so that he learns to sleep from day one.

How to sleep a baby
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How can I learn to sleep from day one? The key is the mother’s womb.

Parents always have different opinions about how to treat their babies’ sleep, but did you know that sleep patterns can receive them from the womb and that he will remember them at birth?

In the womb, a 7-month-old baby already responds to stimuli coming from the outside such as lights, caresses, music, etc. That is why from this stage we start working on patterns so that the baby learns to sleep from day one.

The important thing that the future mother, at this stage, observe is what makes their babies calm down and orient their sleep according to the hours of rest of the mother. You can do this by stroking your belly, singing a lullaby or talking to him.

Sleep habits for you to learn to sleep from day one

The sleep habits that your baby acquires in the womb should be transferred to the outside, immediately after birth as indicated by the doctor, Eduard Estivill of the University of California. Babies are awake for 20 to 30 minutes in the womb and then spontaneously fall asleep.

  • When babies are born, it is advisable to use the time your baby is breastfeeding to keep him awake by talking or stroking him. This way, you’ll get the child to associate being awake with food.
  • After eating, try to hold him in your arms for 10 to 15 minutes to get the gas out of the feed to prevent colic. Take advantage of this wake up make the diaper change and put it back in the crib. If this is done in this way, the baby will learn to sleep from day one and will not unlearn what it was already doing in the mother’s belly in a natural way.

The average sleep of a baby is 17 hours a day between 6 or 7 different periods being some rest and others deep sleep.

How do you know? Watch for signs like restlessness, yawning and loss of interest in the game, that will determine which dream to follow.

It’s also important for mothers to be aware that babies pick up noises and outside lights as well as their moods. This suggests that a mother who feels unsafe to put her baby to sleep will transmit all the anxiety to her child, which will make it more difficult for her to fall asleep.

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