How to speak in public if you are a shy person

5 indispensable tips to speak in public if you are a shy person

Public speaking is known to be a very feared situation for certain people. But in we offer you some tips to develop without nerves, become a great speaker and speak without fear to the public.

Companies are relying more and more on the charisma of their employees to communicate. How do you make a good impression?

How to speak in public

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Speaking well, without nerves, safely, can make the difference between success and failure in a job interview, in an essential meeting.

How to speak in public techniques and advice

1. The place of the lecture

You have to learn to identify places to have an extensive conversation on any topic, as well as places a little more limited. When this is known you will have taken a step towards self-confidence and confidence in speaking.

The first impression should often be the most convenient. Arriving with your head held high, with a smile and showing confidence is the best way to create empathy with others.

2. Do not judge or feel judged

It is essential not to focus on one thing or person, it expands vocabulary. Most participants think the general public is there to judge them. “It is essential to be positive with a sense of reason: to convey a message. For this, keep in mind these kinds of positive images like your children, a future trip, and so on.

3. Appearance and posture

Appearance and clothing is partly an essential tool and technique for public speaking, as people listening to you will pay more attention to what you say than to your physical appearance.

The posture is truly essential, without knowing it, it will make you take the attention of the public, we can have a posture totally bent or uncomfortable by the fact that one is afraid, to serve us as an example.

To recover the body, to open absolutely the chest with the help of the breath, this creates and gives to perceive confidence.

4. How to start and carry out your presentation

He begins by quoting something surprising or funny that attracts public curiosity. Choose an easy language, an active language, that repels absolutely no one.

Be careful in yourself to monitor your pleading rhythm, silences and pauses. breathing plays an essential role in the management of stage fright. Deep breathing should be abdominal as it helps to relax.

Do not force dialogue by searching for words that you may not even know, improvise coherently to demonstrate security in the issue raised and do not remain as misplaced.

Avoid crossing your arms, looking at the ceiling or the outside, do not turn your back to people, these actions reflect lack of safety. Likewise, think of your visual angle.

5. Avoid sensitive topics

Avoid at all costs offensive jokes or jokes on a political, religious or taboo subject, unless it is a specific subject to be dealt with. Adopting an attitude style or clothing that does not correspond, unbalance you.

In general, it is generated at the end of the intervention. There are multiple tricks to elude the renowned silence that precedes the first question.

Sometimes in presentations you should provide a question such as: “The first question is always and in all circumstances the most difficult one to ask, I suggest you go directly to the second one”.

In order to talk publicly, you must be prepared to present yourself on stage and give a message.preparation is essential, you must monitor all the issues and their arguments to make the intervention more interesting.

Speaking publicly is a completely fabulous thing, something enjoyable where we can take a lot of fun if you master the different elements that compose it: the look and posture, breathing and articulation, perceive and relate to the rest and the technique.

Other talking tips

I’m a shy person, it’s always been like that, but to take several projects I had to present it at conferences and at first it was a nightmare, the heart wanted to get out of my chest, but I’m still alive, my first speech began a little badly, but on stage you are developing and more if you love the subject of which you talk, these are some personal tips.

  • There will always be someone from the public who pays attention and gives approval to what you say, if you need to see someone from the public see that person, it will give you more confidence in what you are talking about.
  • Remember that you are not going to die, nothing will happen, even if you do it wrong life will go on, we must overcome that fear that our life will end if we do it wrong … Everything will be fine forget that fear.
  • He reads many books, especially those of Dr. Camilo Cruz, personally he is an incredible teacher, his book “How to communicate in public” should be a best-seller, like all his works, if you get his books do not think just buy it, read it and put it into practice, you will thank me later.

Practice in front of the mirror, it may be stupid, but when you explain your lecture and imagine yourself explaining it to others, it helps to understand and perfect your speech.

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