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How to start a car that ran out of battery

If not done correctly, this simple maneuver can cause serious damage to your vehicle.

The constant advancement of technology in the automotive industry, makes vehicles have a greater number of computerized systems to control the fuel supply.

Entertainment systems, comfort, safety and a number of aids that require a power source in excellent condition (battery) because when losing its load, this important piece can cause your car to stop.

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It is important to bear in mind that this type of damage can not only be caused by natural degradation of the battery, neglect in maintenance, can also be generated by leaving the air conditioning on, the radio or some light on with the engine off, generating current consumption without the regeneration made by the alternator when the car is running.

But as no one is exempt from suffering a mishap of this type, it is advisable to have at hand some cables that allow current to pass to the discharged battery, from that of a vehicle that in proper operation.

Here are 10 tips to perform this maneuver:

  1. The first thing to do is to have some cables that are suitable for carrying the current from the charged battery, to which it was left without electricity. It is important to identify the cables indicated for the size and capacity of your car battery and remember that the longer and larger the cables, the easier the job. Thin wires can overheat and melt, causing a short circuit.
  2. When you have obtained a car that can facilitate charging, do not forget to verify that the two batteries are of the same voltage and identify the positive and negative poles.
  3. Park your cars face to face and turn off the one with the perfect charge.
  4. Verify that both have lights, radios, air conditioners, and any system that consumes power in off mode.
  5. Separate the tweezers or ends of the cables, they can not make contact with each other at any time.
  6. Connect the red cable clamp to the positive side of the discharged battery and then the other end to the charged battery, making sure that they are properly secured so that they do not come loose during the manoeuvre.
  7. Connect the black cable clamp to the negative side of the charged battery and the other end fix it in some metal part of the car that has no power, away from the discharged battery and away from places where there may be fuel to make ground.
  8. After starting the car that had no battery, disconnect the black wire from the donor battery and then from the end connected to the chassis. Now proceed to disconnect the red wire, first from the end connected to the car that was in perfect condition and finally remove the red clamp from the discharged battery.

It is important to note that after starting the battery using this system, it is best to go to a specialized center to determine if this component is in good condition or if it needs to be replaced.

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