How to sterilize cutlery and utensils

Sterilize cutlery and utensils

Handling food as hygienically as possible is one of the secrets to being healthy.

Therefore, in addition to disinfecting cutting boards and changing kitchen towels, it is important to sterilize cutlery and utensils.

How to sterilize cutlery and utensils
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To eradicate germs and other pathogens, heat and steam must be used. Here are some very simple tips that you can apply to your children’s crockery and all the implements that you use frequently.

Steps to sterilize cutlery and utensils


The first thing we recommend is to destine a pair of trays or some cauldron specifically for this purpose. What should you take into account? That is deep enough and of a resistant material. Glass and metal alloys are the best options.

On high fire

The next stop to sterilize cutlery and utensils is to boil water with a measure of multipurpose detergent. When it reaches boiling point, place sets of forks, spoons, spatulas, tweezers, and knives inside. Put the lid on and raise the temperature.


Depending on whether they are made of plastic or stainless steel, or have wooden or resin handles, the time they must spend submerged varies, although the standard is from 5 minutes minimum to about 20. You must also take care of the amount of objects, so it is useful to remove them in several batches.


Then, remove the lid – since the steam has already fulfilled the function of disinfecting – and cool all the parts. For this you can drain the water, or arrange them on a clean cotton cloth, taking care not to burn your hands.

When finished, you can store them in the drawers of the sideboards and even separate them in airtight plastic bags or cloth napkins.

Eme Tip

  • Another way to sterilize cutlery and utensils is to fill the water containers, cover them and take them directly to the oven for about 20 minutes.
  • Every time you have a meeting at home, it’s a good idea to replicate this method, either before or after a meal.
  • You can do the same with glass jars, glasses and other objects.

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