How to study better – Tips, tricks and techniques to study better

How to study better

The school, the sanctuary of knowledge, pleasant for the most outstanding, unpleasant for those who are little applied.

If you’re one of those who feels that your brain repels all the knowledge you’re trying to add to it, you’re probably not using an appropriate study technique.

How to study better
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We all have a unique way of learning.

For some the association is easy, for others the repetition is more effective.

With the following tips for studying we seek to help make your transit through the school more enjoyable and rewarding.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps, and whatever you intend to study, you’re sure to be more bearable.

Tips and tricks to study better

If you are one of those who are distracted by a fly when it comes to poking elbows, don’t worry, we will help you concentrate so you can study and make the most of your precious time.

Take understandable notes

If you scribble in class, when you study, you won’t be able to understand what you’ve written. Try to be tidy in your notes, and this will help greatly when you need to go over the information.

Organize your place of study

Studying in the middle of a disorder is discouraging. Keep everything organized, preferably clean, this will help you relax or concentrate on what you need to learn.

Set a schedule

Depending on your day to day, or the activity that takes place in the place where you study, do your best to designate a specific time to study, where you are relaxed, and that the external activity is little.


Eliminates all types of distraction such as mobile, or TV. Try not to be disturbed, and make as little noise as possible.

Make it clear that you are studying and unwilling for any other type of activity.

Another good piece of advice is to study when you are emotionally stable.

If you fought with your parents, or you are philosophizing about the end of your favorite program, you will be disconnected from reality, whether you study or not.

Provides tutoring

It has been proven that if you help others to study, your knowledge becomes more solid.

Seek tutoring

In contrast to the previous point, if it turns out that you suck at what you want to learn, it is best to seek help from the teacher, or a colleague who is better at the subject.

Remember, wise is he who asks, not he who keeps silent out of shame.

Uses memory techniques

If you need to memorize information, it is best to use mnemonic rules. It simply consists of associating what you want to memorize with something that makes you familiar.

As an example, you can associate the names of Socrates, Plato and Archimedes with the word BLOW (Socrates, Plato and Archimedes).


Remember to sleep well, as it has been proven that long-term memory is consolidated with sleep. in turn, when you study, remember to take 10-minute breaks to stretch, drink water, distract the mind a little.

Otherwise you will enter a state of saturation and knowledge will not enter.

Don’t forget that we all have different ways of understanding the world and learning.

If your current method doesn’t work, just change it to one that really works for you.

But whatever your case, keep in mind these tips to study, they will be of great help to you.

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