How to sync contacts on your Android

Many Android users may have asked how to synchronize contacts in our Android. I’m sure it couldn’t be easier. You can read this guide that shows 2 different ways on how to synchronize contacts and copy them from your Android.

  • Tutorial 1: Import and synchronize Outlook contacts to Gmail
  • Tutorial 2: Synchronizing contacts with HTC Sync
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Tutorial 1: Import and synchronize Outlook contacts to Gmail

Step 1: Import Outlook csv files. First, sign in to your Gmail account and click ‘contacts’ on the left. Click on the “Import” button in the upper right corner of the page. And then import the backedup *.csv files from Outlook.

Step 2: Synchronize Gmail data with your Android phone. Click “menu” on the desktop and click “settings”.

Step 3. Select “accounts and sync”.

If you have not connected your Gmail account on your Android before, you can click “Add Account” at the bottom of the interface.

Click “Google” and “Next” to continue.

Step 6. After you sign in to your account, Android will automatically associate with your Gmail account.

Check “sync automatically” and once contacts or emails have been added to your Gmail account, Android will automatically notify you and keep in sync with Gmail data.

Tutorial 2: Synchronizing contacts with HTC Sync

Step 1: HTC gadget users are able to synchronize contacts and calendars with Outlook or Outlook Express on the computer through HTC Sync.

Note: Check if you have installed the other version of HTC Sync. If you did, uninstall and restart your Android, to ensure that the system is of good compatibility and stability.

Step 2: Download the latest version of HTC Sync on your computer.

Step 3: Install HTC Sync 2.0.33, the latest version of HTC Sync on your computer

Note: If you are running the antivirus software, stop at the task manager. After installing, the taskbar in the lower right corner of the screen will display an HTC Sync icon. If you haven’t synchronized, the color of the icon will be gray and the shortcuts will appear on your desktop.

Step 4: Connect your Android to the computer via USB cable.

Step 5: Choose the connection type “HTC Sync, synchronize contacts and calendars”. After that, click “Finish”.

Step 6: Your Android will notify you that HTC Sync is now detected. Patiently wait about 10 seconds. Then in the lower right corner of the taskbar the HTC Sync icon turns green, you are successful syncing with your Android.

These are two different methods to introduce you how to sync contacts on your Android. You can easily find the one you prefer after reading this article.

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