how to talk to a contact without them seeing your profile picture

How to talk to a contact

Would you like to talk to one of your contacts without this person being able to see your profile picture? With this simple trick we tell you how.

WhatsApp is for many users the messaging application of choice when communicating via their smartphones.How to talk to a contact

Aweita will tell you today a trick that could be useful to you and that few know: it is about “chatting” with one of your contacts without the other person being able to see your profile image.

When it comes to communicating with a WhatsApp user that you don’t want to have in your address book for a variety of reasons, you can chat and make settings so that you don’t share data like “profile picture,” “last connection,” and “nickname.

However, the dilemma comes when you do not want to show your image to a contact you do want to maintain.

Instead, in order to hide your profile from one of your contacts on WhatsApp, you must use “Click to chat“, which is supported by the code ‘’, a well-known URL that allows you to change any conversation with the telephone number without having registered it. How? To do this, all you have to do is open WhatsApp Web and type the code ‘

Then you will have to enter the URL where you will replace “phone number” with the code of the country where you are, then you will place the digits, so you can start a conversation through WhatsApp with a contact or with whoever you want without the sender can see your profile picture.

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