How to use a Mac keyboard in Windows

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  1. keyboard of a Mac in Windows?
  2. Does an Apple keyboard work on a PC?
  3. How does an Apple keyboard work on a PC?
  4. Customize your keyboard with Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator
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keyboard of a Mac in Windows?

Need to work on a PC but don't want to be separated from your Mac keyboard? Thanks to this tutorial, learn how to associate the two

Mac keyboard in Windows

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Known for its fluidity, design and typing speed, the Mac keyboard is very pleasant to use, and once you've tried the lightness of its keys it's hard to do without.

If in everyday life you are used to writing on a Mac but at work you are in Windows, it is perfectly possible to connect an Apple keyboard to a PC.

However, the standard Mac keyboard is a little different from the one normally provided with a Windows and its use is unique depending on the operating system used. Key mapping is varied, which makes the typing experience sometimes complex.

With this tutorial, learn how to use the keyboard of your Mac in Windows.

Does an Apple keyboard work on a PC?

Apple keyboards work perfectly on any computer or operating system. Most models, such as the Magic Keyboard, connect via Bluetooth or a USB cable, without the need to install any special software.

How does an Apple keyboard work on a PC?

PC and Mac keyboards work almost the same way, except for some differences in the layout and name of their commands.

The first, and most obvious, is the absence of the Windows key on the Mac, the corresponding one is CMD (by command).

The Apple keyboard has two option keys, for Windows Alt and Alt GR. So, to use the Alt GR function, hold down the Option and Ctrl keys simultaneously.

As for the Delete and Backspace keys, small Mac keyboards only have the Backspace command.

In this case, to delete the characters on the right, press the Ctrl and D keys simultaneously. If you have a large keyboard, then press the key below fn.

The Mac keyboard doesn't have a screen print either, so to make a screen capture you'll have to use the screen capture tool.

Some of the functions are unusable from a Mac keyboard in Windows (Insert, Previous Page, Next Page, Number Lock...), however they can be performed from the Windows Visual Keyboard application.

To activate it, go to Start, then Settings, then Ergonomic Options. In the left column, select Keyboard and then Activate the visual keyboard.

Customize your keyboard with Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator

Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator is free software that allows you to customize the keys on your keyboard.

In order to install it, your computer must be running Framework.NET, if not, then download it for free here.

Once you have installed the Framework and the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, open the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator :

  • Go to the archive
  • Click on Load existing keyboard
  • In the window that appears, choose an existing keyboard
  • Select English

Now personalize it. If you want to change a key, select the corresponding box, click on it and enter the symbol you want to use instead.

Microsoft has included a detailed help section (Help), be sure to check it out if you want to get the most out of the application.

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