How to use Flipagram


Animated photos and videos are becoming more and more relevant on our mobile phones.

They are a more fun, entertaining and original way to tell small stories about our daily lives to all our friends with the aim of bringing out a smile.

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However, you may think that creating these mini-videos is difficult and only the most advanced people in the use of social networks can make them. Well, as you’ll see today, it doesn’t have to be like this.

With Flipagram you can create animations and mini videos with your Facebook or Instagram photos.

How Flipagram works

After downloading Flipagram from its official website, you will notice that its main panel is very simple and intuitive to use. Once you are on the main screen you will find the following options:

Home: It has the typical icon of a house and there are collected all those contacts that you are following along with all their “stories”. If this is your first time on Flipagram, you have the ‘Follow your friends’ option, which you can access by signing in with your Facebook account, Google account, or email.

Explore: Here you will find suggestions from other users who, due to their closeness or affinity, may be of interest to you so that you can follow them. They all come to you in the form of a list with their respective avatars. To follow them, click on them and select the left button that says “Follow”.

Confirmations: In this notification panel will come the latest news in the form of mentions of all your contacts.

Profile: Finally, in this tab you will be able to see the tool panel of your profile in case you consider it necessary to make any modification.

Create your first videos on Flipagram

To create your first videos, called “instants”, just click on the red icon at the bottom with a “+” symbol.

When you select it you will have to select images that are in your gallery or in the social networks of Facebook or Instagram. Choose the ones you like the most and then select the “Next” option. Then, you can edit these images with different tools, located at the bottom of the screen, among which are “sort” or “fit”.

Then, choose again the “Next” option and in this new screen you will be able to add a new title to your video. You also have more advanced tools such as adding music, speed or filters of various types, which go hand in hand with the now famous Instagram filters. Finally, select “Next” again and in the last screen you can add a small legend or description and share it through your social networks.

And that’s it! One of the points in favor of this application is its simple handling. As you may have read, it’s just a matter of selecting photos and then Flipagram takes care of the rest.

Another interesting point is that you can add music to your videos, something that will make them more attractive to other people, especially if you put in it the songs you like best or those that best represent the content of this new video that you have created.

This way, you will be able to give more life to those photos you’ve taken, especially if they alone don’t tell a complete story or you don’t find them so attractive for others to see.

Similarly, you can use these Flipagram videos to create an original surprise for someone close to you. For example, you could select the best pictures you have of her, then choose her favorite music and create a video dedicated to her.

Make videos with simple photos with Flipagram

One of the easiest ways to make videos is to use a selection of photos and put them one after the other. Now this can be done without having to resort to a video editor such as iMovie or Pinnacle for iPad, as there are applications that do it more or less automatically.

With Flipagram you can create videos with photos from your mobile device, Facebook or Instagram, add music from your library and share them.

Once downloaded, the application requests the necessary permissions to access Facebook and Instagram accounts. In my case, I only gave permission to Instagram because I don’t have almost any photos on Facebook.

After a few tips from the application itself, you must choose the location of the photos. I’m going to create two videos, the first one of photos of the reel, and the second one choosing both from Instagram and from the reel.

Now I just have to choose the photos I want to appear in this video clip.

I can put them in the order I want and, press them twice, scale them and frame them.

Then I click on the arrow at the top right to get to the creation screen, where I will add:

  • title for the video. I can choose the font, but not the color or location;
  • of the music I have in the library. Watch out for music rights if you’re uploading the video to YouTube, you may be blocked from the video;
  • add watermark. The default is FLIPAGRAM, but it can be changed if you buy the option.

Once all the steps are done, it’s time to share the video or videos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, email, SMS …

To save to your device, access the configuration via the gear icon and click on “Save automatically to reel”.

Before I play the videos, I want to remind you of two things:

  • the videos will be square, since one of the options, the default one, is to upload them to Instagram;
  • you can vary the duration, adjusting it so that each photo lasts a fixed time or so that the total adds up to 15 or 30 seconds.

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