How to use Gmail without an Internet connection on your mobile or PC

May I? Yes, and that’s the way to use Gmail offline.

It was not the first email client -many of us lost our online virginity in this with Hotmail or Yahoo-, but Google Gmail can boast of being one of the most used daily around the world.

But did you know that you can read, reply to, and search your Gmail messages without having to be connected to the Internet?How to use Gmail without an Internet

Gmail Offline

Yes, there’s a method for when you don’t have the Internet and still want to use Gmail. To do this, you must first install the offline Gmail app for the Google Chrome web browser.

When you install Gmail offline, your messages will sync with your browser’s storage on the PC you’re using. But beware, because if we talk about installing it on a public or shared PC there is a risk that other people using that computer may see your messages. To install Gmail offline:

1- Go here to the offline Gmail page of the Chrome Web Store.

2– Click Add to Chrome and then Add app.

3- In Chrome, visit chrome://apps/.

4- Click Gmail offline (the blue Gmail icon on the envelope).

5- Click Allow Offline Mail and then click Continue. Once the app is installed, your messages will start syncing. If you close Google Chrome during synchronization, the process will stop.

Messages you write, files, tags, or delete while offline will be sent or moved when you reconnect to the Internet.

To use Gmail offline visit chrome://apps/ and click Gmail offline. Remember that you can only add attachments of up to 5 megabytes (MB) each and a total of 25 megabytes (MB) per message.

By default, Gmail offline synchronizes the last 7 days of messages and what appears in the Highlights and Drafts folders. Trash and Spam messages are never synchronized.

To synchronize messages older than 7 days:

1- Visit chrome://apps/.

2- Click Gmail offline.

3- In the upper right corner, click Settings (the gear icon).

4- Next to “Download the mail from the last one(s) or from the last one(s)”, select Week, 2 weeks or Month.

5- At the top right, click Apply.

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