How to use Telegram from the pc

Telegram from the pc

Telegram is a great messaging application and one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp.

It has more and more followers thanks to the multiple possibilities it offers you.Telegram

You can use Telegram in almost any operating system and here we will show you how to do it from any pc.

As I said Telegram is available for almost all operating systems from Android through iOS and Windows Phone, to Windows, Linux, Mac OS and even Sailfish OS and UbuntuTouch.

For desktop devices (PC, Mac, laptop and so on) we have two options: install the Telegram application for each case or connect through the Internet browser to Telegram Web.

Install Telegram on a computer

The best way to have Telegram on a computer, whether desktop or laptop, is to install the right client for the operating system running on the machine.

Versions are available for Windows, macOS, Linux 64 bit and Linux 32 bit. In addition to being a free software application you can also access its code in GitHub, to port it to the system you want.

Download the installer for your operating system directly from the Telegram Desktop website, the page itself will show you the link to the operating system from which you access it. If you need any other click on ‘Show all platforms’.

Once downloaded and installed we will need to register our account. To do this click on ‘Start chatting‘, now enter the phone number associated with your Telegram account, check that the country code is correct and click on ‘Next‘.

A code will be sent to the Telegram chat in your smartphone application, but you can also receive an SMS if you prefer.

Once you enter the code all your Telegram conversations will open automatically. In addition, your smartphone does not need to be connected to the Internet to be able to chat in Telegram, as they will automatically synchronise when you are connected.

Use Telegram Web

If you don’t have the ability to install the application or desktop program on a device, or you just don’t want to, but need to access your Telegram conversations, you can also use its web version through any internet browser.

Go to Enter your phone number and select Next at the top right. Confirm that the number is correct and click OK.

Enter the code that has arrived in the application on your smartphone and select Next again.

You will immediately enter all of your Telegram chats. If you use the Chrome browser you will be asked for permission to display notifications with new messages.

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