How to Use the Same WhatsApp on Two Different Cell Phones?

How to Use the Same WhatsApp

If you have ever tried to use WhatsApp with the same number on two different terminals, you will have noticed that the application does not allow you to keep both assets, since one of them will stop working.

At the time we register on another device in the first device we ask for authentication. If you have two devices in which you would like to have WhatsApp active and you don’t know how, we tell you the possibilities you have, both for smartphones and tablets.Use the Same WhatsApp on Two Different Cell Phones

Officially you can’t have the same WhatsApp account on two terminals but there are a couple of tricks that make it possible.

One of them very simple (it’s easier to do than explain) and another more complicated one where you’ll need root access.

You will need a smartphone that already has WhatsApp installed and another one that does not.

A. No root method

The easiest way is through WhatsApp Web. In the second device visit the website. Now tell your browser to display the desktop version of the page, in Chrome it is an option in the three-point menu called ‘Computer website‘ or ‘View as computer’.

At this point, a QR code will appear. Now with the first device (where WhatsApp is installed) it scans the code of the web you have open in the second terminal.

After a few seconds of waiting, you will be able to use WhatsApp Web normally. It’s not the best or the most comfortable, since the text appears a little small, but in tablets and smartphones with large screen can be used without problems.

B. Method with root

In the network you can find a method through a backup with Titanium and Xposed if both devices are rotated.

This method besides being complicated and hard to work from Android 5.1.1 Lollipop onwards (difficulties to simulate the IMEI of the original device) can lead to the banning of your WhatsApp account. AndroidPIT does not recommend this method.

Alternative applications that do allow chatting from multiple devices

WhatsApp has quite limited versatility but some of its alternatives do allow chatting from multiple devices at once.

For example, Telegram, Facebook Messenger or Hangouts are applications that are able to synchronize with all the devices you use without problems.

How to use WhatsApp with two phone numbers

More and more people have started using Dual SIM smartphones. In these devices you can put two phone cards, of the same company or of different. The comfort they offer is undeniable.

One of the biggest problems, however, is not being able to use more than one WhatsApp account at the same time. Fortunately, there are a couple of possible solutions.

Two Android users with two WhatsApp accounts

From Android 5.0 Lollipop, we can add users to our smartphone as if it were a computer. This also makes it possible for each of these users to use their WhatsApp on the same terminal.

To do this we simply enter the SIM of the second user only to register their number in WhatsApp. The new user will be able to use his WhatsApp quietly from the chosen phone.

Use two WhatsApp accounts with Parallel Space

Parallel Space allows you to duplicate applications, such as cloning WhatsApp for use with a second account. This way you will be able to log in with two accounts at the same time.

Use two WhatsApp accounts on a Samsung terminal

Samsung offers the possibility of having two WhatsApp accounts on both SIM and dual-SIM devices, thanks to the My KNOX application (Samsung’s security application).

Taking advantage of a virtual partition capability, you can have two WhatsApp accounts with two different phone numbers.

In principle the terminal must be compatible with KNOX which implies the families Galaxy A, Galaxy E, Galaxy J, Galaxy Note and Galaxy S.

  1. Install the Samsung My KNOX application on your Samsung device.
  2. Enter your email account to receive your security PIN.
  3. Open My KNOX and set your password to access the platform.
  4. Select WhatsApp from the options listed in ‘My KNOX Applications’.
  5. Once WhatsApp is installed on My KNOX set the second number for the second WhatsApp account and make sure you can receive the confirmation SMS to the number you entered to confirm the account.
  6. In order to quickly access the second WhatsApp without having to go through the KNOX application, you can create a shortcut from the KNOX application menu.

Use two WhatsApp accounts on a Xiaomi terminal

In Xiaomi smartphones there is no option to have several users but as an alternative we can create a second space (Second space) with MIUI.

In this second space we can have duplicate applications of the main space or even use completely different ones. Each space can be protected with a password and fingerprints for access.

To configure the second space go to Settings > Second Space. In the configuration process you will be able to choose which applications you want to be in the two spaces, choose WhatsApp.

When the configuration is finished you will have an icon on the home screen to switch to the second space where you will have to log into WhatsApp with the second account.

You don’t need to have the SIM associated with the second account within Xiaomi but you must be able to receive SMS for the activation code.

Connect WhatsApp to another phone number

It may happen that you change your phone number, but you want to keep your WhatsApp account with your old number because there you have your contacts and they keep relating you to the old number. The solution to this is very simple.

  1. Put your old SIM card in another phone.
  2. On your phone (with new SIM), back up your WhatsApp conversations.
  3. Uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall.
  4. When you open it for the first time you will be asked for a phone number for registration.
  5. Write down your old number.
  6. If all goes well, we will get the verification code to the other phone where we have our old SIM card.
  7. Enter that code into your smartphone.
  8. This method will work as long as the old SIM remains active.

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