How to use the WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business is a free downloadable Android application that helps companies interact easily with their customers with ingenious tools for sorting and automating messages, among other features.

The new WhatsApp Business API has made it possible for brands and companies with a strong market presence to send messages to their customers more efficiently, quickly, and on a large scale.

WhatsApp Business

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The customer will receive outstanding customer service with a high level of response and one-way notifications.

WhatsApp Business Advantages

The improvements offered by the new WhatsApp Business API are as follows.

Company Profile

Improve your company’s profile so that all the information your customers may need is immediately available.

Improved tools

It adds the ability to make quick answers to answer frequently asked questions in a more intuitive and efficient.

WhatsApp Web Support

Full compatibility with WhatsApp Web version.

Verified Account

It adds the option of having the account confirmed and that way customers will know from the outset that they are talking to the company itself, offering more confidence in the brand.

Earlier this year, the Zuckerberg company announced the release of WhatsApp Business, a tool that would give more specialized options to companies that used WhatsApp for commercial purposes, as a primary channel of communication and interaction with their customers.

The response was not long in coming and acceptance was massive as in the month of April already had more than 3 million active users.

Now, the company has taken a new step and launched the official API, which will enable developers to program messages without the need for any external application.

3 keys to use the WhatsApp Business API

To use the application more effectively it is important to consider three key issues.

Adapted to the business, according to Angel Hernandez, managing partner of Chatbot Chocolate, “companies have the opportunity to contact their customers like never before. However, in order to make the most of this tool, we need to be aware of how they can be adapted to our business model and type of user.

The service must be used responsibly. You must be consistent and responsible with the service you offer and, furthermore, you must bear in mind that you cannot contact any user who has not previously initiated a conversation with the company.

Anticipate the competition. Not many companies are using WhatsApp Business yet.

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