How to use WhatsApp’s Featured Messages

Highlighting messages on WhatsApp lets us know their real importance

WhatsApp’s featured messages are one of the most interesting features of the instant messaging application, saving us a lot of search time.

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It helps us remember important things, such as dates, phone numbers, and addresses, and prevents us from losing sight of important conversations that shouldn’t go out of our minds.

The most practical thing about these featured messages, whether individual chats or group conversations, is that we won’t have to search through conversations, which is always a tedious process. We can also use it as a reminder, which always gives good results.

Configure WhatsApp Featured Messages on different devices

To use the highlighted messages, you must configure them on your device, depending on its operating system.

To mark featured WhatsApp messages on iPhone and Android:

  • Tap and hold the message you want to mark as highlighted.
  • Click on the star icon at the top of the screen.

To deselect a message as highlighted:

  • Press and hold the message.
  • Select the delete star icon. This will not delete the message, but only the highlighted level.

If you want to see the messages you’ve set as highlighted:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Click on More options.
  • Then click on Featured Messages.

How to view WhatsApp’s featured messages in a group or chat

To view messages you’ve selected as highlighted in a group or in a chat to turn them off or simply view them:

  • Click on the name of the group or individual chat.
  • Click on Featured Messages.
  • To see the highlights in all the chats click on More.
  • Select the Featured Messages.

The question we all ask ourselves is who can see if we bookmark WhatsApp’s featured messages. And the answer is that no one sees them for the sake of privacy. That’s because of the application’s privacy policies, which may vary.

How to use WhatsApp Featured Messages?

Remember, one of the advantages or features of WhatsApp’s or Favorites’ featured messages is that we can use them for other uses, such as reminders. If you check the option to highlight the message, it will always appear in the first places, you will always have it in view and will prevent you from forgetting an important date, an address or other necessary information.

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