How to view WhatsApp videos without opening the application

The messaging app will let you see the multimedia content even before unlocking the terminal

Multimedia content flies on WhatsApp. A video or photograph can be made viral in a few minutes, either by an important event or something funny.

But sometimes you’d like to take a look at whether or not it’s worth having in your terminal. For those moments, it’s a good idea to view the images before unlocking your phone.How to view WhatsApp videos

Open only the essentials

Sometimes you don’t even need to take a look at the photos sent to you by WhatsApp. There’s always the typical group or friend who sends you pictures, gifs and videos all the time.

But even if he does it willingly and with the best of intentions, it doesn’t stop being something heavy. That’s why it will be good for you to use the new function that Menlo Park have been working on.

It turns out that Facebook has already released for iPhone users version 2.18.90 of its messaging app.

The great novelty lies in an improvement in notifications, especially for the previews of the content you receive.

For now, iPhone users will be able to take a look at the images and gifs they receive before downloading them. This feature will also be available, giving you complete freedom to download or not the files you receive.

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