How to watch YouTube, Instagram and Facebook videos without leaving a WhatsApp

Picture in Picture comes to WhatsApp today, how to get started.

Called Picture in Picture, the picture-in-picture (PiP) function allows you to play videos from an online platform while using other applications on your mobile device.

How to watch YouTube videos in WhatsApp

The PiP reduces the video to a small player that you can scroll through the home screen and place over other applications.

If this feature is enabled, you can continue playing videos while using other applications on your mobile device. The problem? Not all apps implement this function. WhatsApp TO THE END will now, though.

Watch videos without leaving WhatsApp

Normally, if they send you a link to YouTube by WhatsApp in the chat window you can see the address and a thumbnail of the video, but that’s it.

Clicking on it takes you out of the WhatsApp app and opens the YouTube app. That ends today, because as the guru of WABetaInfosays, WhatsApp has launched a new function that, when we open a link to a video, outputs a floating window as a player that allows us to view the video within the same chat, without having to leave.

Right now there are several platforms compatible with WhatsApp’s new PiP, including YouTube, Instagram, Streamable and like no Facebook (owner of Instagram and WhatsApp).

If you have just tried to send a link and you see that you cannot play it, it is because the function has been activated in WhatsApp Beta version 2.18.301.

At the moment, since it is in the last testing phase, the PiP has not yet reached the stable version of WhatsApp, but it will be a matter of a short time.

How to become a tester at WhatsApp Beta

To become a WhatsApp beta tester is simple: just go to the Google Play store to find the trial version (or directly at this link).

WhatsApp Beta is the appen’s testing ground where all the functions and new features that are about to arrive are tested, and therefore you have to be careful because since they are Beta versions, these contain errors, bugs and bugs that have to be profiled before they are officially available for the standard version of the app.

Therefore there are some risks regarding bugs and they are unstable versions, but in return the tests before those who only have the normal WhatsApp.

The best thing is that the process is reversible, and if you don’t want to keep using WhatsApp Beta, just uninstall it, go to the Play Store and install the standard WhatsApp app. Just like that.

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