How to write a book and publish it on the Internet

How to write a book

Here are some tips for writing a book that can help you achieve your goal in record time!

Now it’s pretty easy to become a published author, but that doesn’t mean that you’re successful and that people are going to buy your book.

How to write a book
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Even famous authors sometimes have a difficult time with writing, also go through periods of doubt but despite all this always manage to reach the goal and end up publishing those books.

Here are several tips for writing a book that should help you with the hope of putting the pen on paper.

Take a lesson from the best, stop postponing your writing plans and start working.

Tips and tricks for writing a book for the first time

Know Your Reader First

If you want to sell a book, you must think before you start, who is it for? Who will buy it? Why will they buy it? What makes it special? Why should they buy their book instead of someone else’s?

“Know your client, you have to know who he is so you know exactly why he wants your book.” Don’t write a book for everyone … The key to successful marketing is to know your target audience before you put a finger on the keyboard.

We advise writers to imagine their ideal reader as a real person. Imagine a character. If necessary, give him a name. Know your age, and so on.

Oh, and keep in mind: Women buy about three times as many books as men.

The practice of writing

Would you like to run a marathon without getting in shape? Have you just been told to run 20 kilometres on a Saturday?

Of course I wouldn’t. Writing a book is a bit like running a marathon, but people always try to do it without preparation or in practice. Then they wonder why they fail.

Follow these tips and tricks but above all… don’t forget to practice whenever you can.

Most cities offer writing workshops, at an adult education center, community college, or elsewhere. There’s no substitute.

Find your space

When is he going to write? Where are you going to write? And how? Anyone who does not work this beforehand is doomed to frustration, and is damaging their chances of success.

Writing is work, but people who aren’t writing don’t see it that way.

The same thing happens with photography, programming, dedicating yourself to singing better… are undervalued professions until you reach medium success.

They think it’s easy, a hobby, like playing Playstation or PC.

Keep in mind that you will be interrupted, your husband will want to talk or your wife will ask you to fix something in the bathroom.

The kids are gonna want you to give them a hand with their homework. Unless you can put aside a time and place to regularly write, you’re going to have difficulties.

You may want to go somewhere away from home, away from all distractions, such as the local library or in a cafeteria.

How are you going to write? Everybody uses a laptop these days, but it seems too impersonal to me. And they have the Internet as a constant distraction.

Every time you reach a dead end in your book you may find it too easy to go check the Facebook or E-mail instead.

It is very easy to entertain yourself and then realize that you have lost several hours of profit without doing anything.

We’re all different. But you need to find your space.

Plan Your Book

I’ve had to learn the hard way.

Press articles and online messages are usually very short, usually containing between a few hundred and thousands of words.

But just like you can’t run a marathon doing Sprint in the first 100 meters.

You can’t write a book the same way you’d write an article.

More tips for writing a book

Success in writing comes down to hard work here are more tips for writing a book as a guide, inspiration or better yet, printing a copy to put on your desk, office, fridge door, any visible place that can be easily remembered so you don’t let your ideas wither away.

How to write a successful book

  • Read and diversify:
    Read as much as you can, learn to read better, if you want to write a book about fantasy or science fiction stop reading everything related to those genres and start reading everything else.
  • Introduce your main characters in the first third of your book:
    Make sure that all elements of the frame are entered in the first third that can be called the entry. Develop the characters and story in the second sung line and solve all the mysteries in the final sung line, the resolution.
  • Don’t plan the end:
    It has to be developed by everything behind it.
  • Always carry a notebook with you:
    Or even write on your own mobile phone all the ideas that come to mind unless you are committed to losing that idea forever, short-term memory only retains information for three minutes.
  • Interesting verbs are rarely very interesting.
  • “Don’t tell me the moon is bright, show me the flash of light in broken glass”
  • Listen to the criticisms and preferences of your first trusted readers.

Use our tips and advice to write a book, there has never been a better time than now to realize your dream of becoming a published author.

Let your voice be heard and never let go of your passion for writing.

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