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  1. Practice is the key to learning to write backwards.
    1. Steps to write backwards
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Practice is the key to learning to write backwards.

Whether it's just for fun or just out of curiosity, writing backwards will allow you to develop your motor skills, and you'll even be able to communicate "secretly" with others.

Don't miss the step-by-step guide where we explain how to write backwards.

write backwards

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Although reverse writing is something that doesn't seem to be very useful, in advertising it can serve to attract the public's attention, and in fact it is said that Leonardo Da Vinci used mirror writing, that is, writing in such a way that the text seems to be the reflection of a mirror, in many of his manuscripts, so you can do it too if you follow these steps.

Steps to write backwards

The first thing to do to write backwards is to have a blank sheet of paper, a pencil and start practicing. It is said that many children from the age of three or four, when they begin to read and write, are able to trace words completely backwards, without being aware of it, so the ability is there and we just have to develop it.

On the other hand it is also said that reverse writing is something that occurs more easily in people with dyslexia, while left-handed people dominate the technique before, so it is not impossible for you to get it, you just have to practice.

It will be good if you start with capital letters and also with easy words, such as "Hello" or "House".

Try placing a mirror in front of the paper so you can see how the written word is spelled backwards. Look at the reflection and copy what you see.

Also to learn to write backwards, you must take into account the endings of the letters, which should be left, and also have to be upwards and not at the bottom. Thus, when writing "CASA", for example you should start with the final A, and write the s and c backwards.

Another guideline to follow to learn to write backwards, will be that from time to time, read texts or phrases that are backwards.

In this way, thanks to the practice with writing and the fact of getting used to seeing this type of writing with reading, you will achieve that your brain ends up understanding what you write and what you read and with it, that you can master the technique completely.

Finally, it will be good if you practice with all the letters of the alphabet and write them backwards.

Keep that writing that you do, so that you can resort to it while practicing, and do not know exactly how to write a certain letter backwards.

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