How do I get rid of the strong smell of the dishwasher?

How to get the bad smell out of the dishwasher from the inside

How do I eliminate the strong smell of the dishwasher?

What homemade products are there to make bad smells disappear?

Tips to neutralize the bad smells of the dishwasher.

A homemade trick to eliminate the bad smell of the dishwasher is vinegar.

You have two options, you can spread the white vinegar all over the machine or put a cup full of vinegar and then turn on the machine so that the vinegar acts with the washing.

Don’t forget to empty the whole machine and eliminate some waste.

If dishes or other utensils have a strong odor (because you ate cheese, fish, or other items), and you want to prevent it from soaking its odor in the dishwasher, start by washing with cold water and then hot to degrease the utensils.

If you start by washing with hot water, you run the risk of the dishwasher absorbing bad smells.

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