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Image in Word

It is inevitable that complex programmes will receive complaints about certain functions or the absence of them.

align an image in Word

This is the case of Photoshop, a standard in graphic design but which has detractors for its difficulty of use or for the abuse that is made of it. It's the same with Microsoft Word.

Word has become a standard in text document editing, and while its omnipresence is less than in previous decades, it remains the default choice in offices and homes around the world, either in its desktop version or its web version.

Many criticisms of Word have been made, such as Clipo's insistence on asking if we wanted to write a letter. Another criticism is the handling of an image in Word when we want to integrate it in a text fragment. The process can be a real waste of time. There are even memes about it.

In any case, Microsoft Word has been improving its functions, and today, we can add, move and align an image comfortably. Let's see how.

Text scattered

The problem with adding a Word image to a previous text is that the text is scattered without order or concert, so that aesthetically the document loses quality.

Inertia is moving the image to the side where we want it to be displayed, which causes the text to continue to clutter by not being repositioned correctly by default. In addition, the most recent versions of Word are not very intuitive, since when moving an image we see the writing indicator moving through the text but we lose the view image.

In your favor, the most recent versions of Word allow you to change the size of the image with the circles that delimit it and we can even incline it with the icon in the shape of a circular arrow.

Align an image in Word

But to align an image in Word correctly we must go to the context menu and forget our initial intuition, because no matter how much we move the image, the text will remain messy.

The most recent versions of Word (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019) show a small icon to the right of an image. This is called Design Options. You can also find it in the Format tab or menu under Adjust text.

The possibilities are varied in Adjust text: Square, Narrow, Transparent and Up and down, Behind the text, In front of the text... Moreover, we can customize the space between the text and the image by choosing Modify adjustment points. And from Format > Position we will find more options to align the text around the image.

What's more, if you want to avoid the frequent problem of aligning an image in Word and making the text clutter, you can change the default option. The one that is preconfigured is In line with the text, but if you choose another one and then click on Set as default design you will forget this factory defect forever.

Align an image in Word Online

If you do not have Microsoft Word for Windows or macOS, you can use it in its online version and free taking advantage of your Microsoft account.

Word Online is a simplified version of Word, free but no less useful for what tasks of formatting and editing of texts, as the case at hand.

When you add an image to a document from Word Online you will find the Picture tab activated and in the corresponding menu different options, among them Wrap Text.

As in Word, the default option is In line with the text, but we can change it to Square on the left, Square on the right, Behind the text and In front of the text.

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