Sleep: 3 original techniques to relearn how to sleep

Tips to improve your sleep

Oligotherapy, light therapy, emotional release technique (EFT) To counteract fatigue and sleep disorders, have you ever thought of trying slightly less common techniques? The editorial staff offers you 3 innovative, effective and totally natural solutions.

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Today, sleep disorders spoil the nights and days of 4 out of 10 people. And if the most common techniques such as meditation, relaxation, phytotherapy don’t help you fall into Morpheus’ arms, there are still other tricks to end your insomnia.

1. Oligotherapy

  • MnCo (Manganese-Cobalt)

Insomnia with nocturnal anxiety: Used as a soil modifier during states of vegetative dystonia. Difficulty to sleep due to stress.

  • CuOrAg (Copper-Gold-Silver)

Insomnia with nervous breakdown: It is used in states of fatigue and in the convalescence phase of infectious diseases, with a drop in vital impulse and tendency to depression. This association is generally indicated at a rate of three intakes per week over a long period of time.

  • Mn (Manganese)

Insomnia at bedtime in patients with arthritis: Used as a field modifier during allergic conditions. Take it if you have trouble falling asleep.

  • Al (Aluminium)

Insomnia and insomnia due to excessive intellectual work: It is used as a field modifier during minor disturbances in the adaptation to a new environment, and mild sleep disturbances.

  • Lithium

Mild sleep disorders: plays an important role in the treatment of mental and emotional disorders

2. Light therapy

  • Sunrise Simulator

It is a morning alarm clock with a bulb whose brightness varies according to a programmed period. The light will pass through the closed eyelids and bring to the pineal gland the information that the day is beginning to dawn.

The hypothalamus has understood the information and the production of melatonin has stopped, the paradoxical sleep has ended, all the neurovegetative functions of the body have been implemented, in particular cortisol, the positive stress hormone.

  • Light therapy lamp

It sits on a desk or in a place where you can sit for 20 to 90 minutes every day.

  • Luminette

With its 2,000 lux, these glasses allow light to enter the eye naturally and reach the areas of the retina. Practical, it works with a rechargeable battery.

  • Full spectrum bulbs

They restore the full spectrum equivalent to the sun’s midday glow. Excellent for health.

3. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

EFT is an emotional freedom technique that breaks down energy blocks that cause stress, anxiety, pain and other discomforts. By activating the pressure points, there is an effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, resulting in a feeling of relaxation and muscle ease.

We now know that if the body is not sufficiently relaxed, sleep cannot be established. Then, to get out of this vicious circle, EFT focuses on the automatic thoughts present in the situations that cause anxiety, before (anticipation) and after (rumination).

In this way, the person learns to put things in perspective. And finally, there is often an anxious anticipation of the night ahead (“I’m not going to be able to fall asleep, I’m going to be tired,…”) and the consequences are dramatized (“If I don’t sleep, I won’t be able to perform well at work tomorrow, I’ll make mistakes and could be fired,…”). With EFT, you will work on developing skills to manage emotions.

The objective? To re-educate sleep and implement sleep reconditioning methods.

By working on abandonment, the person regains confidence in himself and his ability to sleep. They will be able to sleep better and better.

Use: when we feel tensions in the body, in the small physical pains of everyday life (stomach aches, headaches…) but also when we are faced with an internal conflict. This allows us to put our emotions on a plane and take a step back.

Other Alternatives: improve sleep

Other alternatives of health is to look for some supplements of health that can help you to regulate your sleep, also some vitamins for the brain for the constant stress, these you can get them with big discounts in the online stores of Amazon,WalMart,Costco,Sams Club,Chedraui,Carrefour, aliexpress,alibaba ,MercadoLibre ,Lidl,Aldi shein oebay. Sometimes they are on great deals in big seasons.

You can also search the Google Play apps or the App Store for some meditation techniques that will help you regulate your sleep on a more regular basis.

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