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  1. Improve your spelling with these apps
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Improve your spelling with these apps

How to improve spelling. If there is one thing that has been learned over time, it is that apps are a living example of how easy it is to learn something if you have it in the palm of your hand, because only then can you capture people's attention quickly and effectively.

improve spelling

Proof of this are the applications used to learn and reinforce one of the most important elements that humans have to communicate a message clearly: spelling because without it communication and information itself would be in constant confusion.

This is mentioned because the orthographic signs, as well as the rules of accentuation, serve to give the context and the correct intention to what one wants to make known.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you are exercising this skill constantly and what better way to do it than through one of the tools that have become vital to everyday life: smartphones.

According to this, is that they will list those apps that serve to improve the spelling, answer questions about the meanings of some words and play to prove that you have learned something about it.

RAE and ASALE Dictionary (DLE)

There is no better place to solve the questions that are generated in relation to writing than with the Real Academia Española and the Asociación de Academias de la Lengua Española, so they decided that instead of leaving people with doubts, they would give them an app that would help in any situation.

Both the spelling and the grammar can be solved with this tool that solves the different situations in a quick and concrete way.

Available in: iOS and Android


This app, which is based on the idea of the game Scrabble, has enabled thousands of people not only to learn how to use punctuation marks correctly but also to learn a new language, as there is the possibility of selecting a different language that will serve to expand their vocabulary.

To make this way of learning much more entertaining, you can play and challenge friends as you wish, so there is no excuse to miss the opportunity to learn how to improve spelling.

Available in: iOS and Android

The Right Word

Although it may seem like an application for children, the truth is that its very simple operation helps people to get the message of how punctuation marks and accentuation rules are used much faster.

Also, there are some mini-games and tests that help to reinforce the knowledge, and in case of failure in the tests, will show the correct way in which the answer is written, in addition to a couple of examples that serve as support.

Available in: iOS and Android

The foul hunters

This app takes up again the idea that with the games, you learn much faster, so through several exercises you will test the knowledge previously acquired and you will go beyond the level, but if you can not do that, there will be a series of spelling rules that will help to solve the doubts that arise in this regard and for which you could not climb the category.

Available in:  iOS

of spelling

As its name says, this is a course that users can take to begin to understand everything they need to know to write correctly, because not only are the grammar rules that have emerged today, but is based on the rules determined by the Royal Spanish Academy.

94 seconds

One more game, but this time it was created especially for adults because in less than 94 seconds you have to answer as many questions as possible, which have to do with spelling.

In this way, not only will you learn, but you will also make people's minds quicker and more efficient in detecting errors in a text and correcting them in time.

Available in: iOS and Android


The last but not the least important app, on the contrary it is one of the most useful tools that exist today, especially because of the way in which the diversity of language is being exploited in different parts of the world, since it works as a dictionary that will help you understand and of course, write in other Spanish-speaking languages.

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