How to browse incognito mode on your Android device


Navigating without leaving a trace in your browser has become child’s play.

Even on your Android device you can surf incognito without keeping in the Internet browser neither the history, nor your passwords, nor the cookies of the pages you have visited.incognito mode on your Android

The process varies a bit depending on the browser you use so let’s look at the most common examples.

What is incognito mode?

All Internet browsers store all the information about the pages we visit, the forms we fill in, the cookies we download, the passwords we enter, etc. In short, a great deal of information that is related to our privacy and intimacy.

Protect your passwords

Browsers have a bad habit of saving login details (users and password) to optimize processing times.

So it’s possible that your session data is stored on a smartphone that’s not yours, and that’s not good, since anyone can log in to your session.

With incognito mode these data are not stored on the phone, thus respecting your privacy.

You will not be classified for advertising

You’re looking for espadrilles, and you’ll have ads for espadrilles even in the soup. With incognito mode, you save what you searched for in the cookies, so when you reopen the browser you will not have more ads of the same.

Private searches

It is possible that you want to look for information or some data without anyone knowing, or you want to solve a doubt that you do not dare to ask anyone.

The incognito mode allows you to answer your question and there will be no record of what that curiosity was.

Firefox Focus the incognito browser

Sail like no one’s watching you. Firefox Focus is the internet browser for Android with incognito mode as standard.

Once you’ve finished browsing, all you have to do is touch the trash or the notification and it will erase the cookies directly. Navigate much faster without tracking or ads.

Incognito mode in Firefox for Android

To navigate privately in Firefox just start the application and touch the three points at the top left to open the menu.

In it, we choose ‘New private tab’, then a new tab will open in incognito mode. From the ‘+’ symbol we can open another incognito tab, close those that are open or return to the normal session tabs.

If you close all open private browsing tabs, you will automatically return to the last normal browsing tab visited.

Firefox also has a completely incognito version of the browser called Focus so we don’t have to worry about privacy. And if you want to go totally unnoticed there is also a version of Firefox that uses the Tor network to hide our identity on the network.

Incognito mode in Chrome for Android

Here the process is quite similar. All you have to do is click on ‘New Incognito Tab’ and an anonymous session tab will start automatically. To manage the tabs we have open just click on the square with a number in the center that is above the three points and unfold all the tabs.

To open a new one click on the addition symbol ‘+’ at the top left, but watch out for the background color. If the symbol has a white background then a normal tab will open, but if the ‘+’ symbol has a grey background then a tab will open in incognito+ mode.

There are also some applications that are based on the open source project from which Chrome also comes out. This project is the well-known Chromium. Here you have two alternatives that take care of much more privacy:

Incognito mode in Dolphin

The Dolphin browser has an incognito mode, this automatically removes the browsing history, cookies, form data, etc.. of our session when leaving Dolphin. To activate it, click on the puzzle piece icon to the left of the address bar. A small menu will be displayed in which you can activate the ‘Private Mode’. Nothing we do from now on will be saved.

Incognito mode in Opera

From Norway comes this fabulous browser that was first launched in 1994 and has survived alongside the giants of the category. To navigate privately in Opera we must also open a private tab.

Incognito mode in Opera Microsoft Edge for Android

Microsoft’s Internet browser for Android also has incognito mode, of course. It works in a similar way to Chrome but here we can make screenshots of the tabs in incognito mode.

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