How to increase the transition speed of animations

To optimize the performance of our Android device there are a variety of tricks and procedures that we can perform and thus make our smartphone or tablet behave lighter, even when we talk about a computer that has more than a couple of years.

The truth is that when we begin to notice that our Android device has become somewhat slow in terms of the speed shown by the animations, we can implement a procedure that will allow us to speed up the animations and thus feel that the smartphone or tablet behave faster.

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First of all we have to know that Android devices include a secret menu in which there are different options for developers, which is hidden from the eyes of users until the user himself decides to unlock it.

In this special menu, whose name is “Developer Options”, there are a series of configurable parameters, among which we can find three options to control the speed at which the transitions of the animations of the phone or tablet are shown.

Thanks to the possibility of being able to configure these parameters, we will be able to see that when modifying these adjustments it will be possible to double the speed in which the movement of the animations is shown in Android, with which we will notice that the device will reach a much faster and lighter development.

To change these modifications in our Android device, we must perform the following steps:

Step 1: The first thing to do is to go to the “Settings” of your Android phone or Tablet, and then look for the item “About the device” to click on it.

Step 2: Within the items shown on the next screen, we look for the one that says “Compilation number” and click on it several times in a row, in most Android devices it must be pressed seven times in a row. The team may notify us that the developer options are already available, but if not, we’ll still have unlocked the special menu.

Step 3: What we will do next is go back to the previous screen by pressing the button to go back. We will see that within the “Settings” of the device was added a new section with the name “Development Options”, which is usually located on the item “About the device”.

Step 4: Now we will have to click on this new menu of “Development Options” and a new screen will be displayed with a series of items that we will be able to configure.

Step 5: Then we scroll down to look for the three settings to modify the speed in the transition of animations, which are “Animation Scale Window”, “Animation Transition Scale”, and “Animator Duration Scale”.

Step 6: What we will do next is click on each of these items and modify the default value, which is 1x, value that we will change to 5x.

This way, the animation transitions will have a higher speed, which will make the Android device look faster.

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