How To Cure Insomnia In Pregnancy: Third Trimester What To Do With This?

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  1. Insomnia In Pregnancy
    1. Tips for sharing insomnia in pregnancy during the third trimester
    2. Back massages to pamper Mom
    3. Let's avoid self-medication
    4. Practice meditation
    5. Practice deep breathing before going to sleep!
    6. All the pillows are Mom's!
    7. Reducing fluids at night
    8. Avoid spending all day in bed or lying down
    9. Take advantage of the time of insomnia
    10. Avoids entertainment
    11. Plan what's bothering you
    12. Let's relax with our baby.
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Insomnia In Pregnancy

We are only a short time away from having our baby in our arms, but the truth is that we are super tired from belly weight and other pregnancy issues.

During the day we are sleepy, as our waking state is very reduced.

Insomnia In Pregnancy

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And in the third trimester, insomnia in pregnancy is increasingly present, 70% of pregnant women suffer daily. Getting to sleep is a challenge when you are pregnant, and during this stage it is very important to get a good night's sleep.

Insomnia in pregnancy is very common, especially in the first and third trimesters of pregnancy.

Insomnia in pregnancy during the third trimester can be caused by a variety of physical, hormonal, and psychological factors. We must know that insomnia affects the baby's development and your mood, making pregnancy very difficult to carry, which affects your health and that of your baby.

Let's see some tips and recommendations that can help you sleep better during the third trimester of pregnancy so that you have all the energy your baby will need so much at birth, especially in this last stretch so special.

A back massage done by your partner can be a great option to combat insomnia in pregnancy.

Tips for sharing insomnia in pregnancy during the third trimester

Insomnia during the third trimester of pregnancy can be caused by such noticeable changes in our body as, for example, an increase in the size of our belly, as well as nerves and anxiety about the time of delivery and the arrival of the baby.

But the main problem in the third trimester of pregnancy is that our baby is much bigger, so much so that it is tight in the belly, which adds extra weight to mom and makes it very uncomfortable to sleep.

The baby's movements make us want to urinate, because the baby puts pressure on our bladder which makes us feel like we are going to burst.

When the baby is older we can feel his movements more easily and intensely, which can wake us up at midnight.

On the other hand, the weight of the tummy to many of the mothers causes us lumbar and pelvic pain, as the little one is preparing for his exit from the womb.

This undoubtedly makes sleeping uncomfortable, because we feel an intense pain in the back. Also, cramps and difficulty moving around in bed become present and increase insomnia in pregnancy during the third trimester.

Insomnia during the third trimester affects up to 70% of pregnant women

It is for this reason that we will show you some tips to combat the unpleasant insomnia in pregnancy.

Let's see some recommendations to sleep better in the third trimester of pregnancy

Back massages to pamper Mom

You can choose to ask your partner to pamper you with a few massages on your back before going to sleep. This will undoubtedly relax you a lot and will also enliven the bond of love in the couple, and may even add messages or conversations with the baby, telling him how excited they are about his arrival.

Let's avoid self-medication

It can happen that we enter in desperation before the difficulty to sleep and we resort to self-medication. However, it is important to keep in mind that being pregnant, self-medication is dangerous for the baby. Therefore, resorting to other methods other than medication will always be the best option during the gestation period.

Sleeping nonstop to say goodbye to insomnia in pregnancy

Mom, sleep every time you feel sleepy and if you wake up in the middle of the dream try to get it back. And it is that, every moment that presents itself to sleep during the third trimester is extremely valuable, since the 8 hours of sleep will not be enough. A pregnant woman deserves many hours of rest.

Practice meditation

The practice of meditation during the third trimester of pregnancy can be very beneficial, because it gives us tools to relax, which we can use before going to sleep. One of the tools of meditation is knowing how to breathe in order to relax.

Practice deep breathing before going to sleep!

Once we are lying down, let's inhale on a count of 4 and exhale counting to 2. This exercise we can repeat 3 times, putting our mind in pleasant landscapes and lived moments that give us comfort.

Back pain can make it difficult to fall asleep

All the pillows are Mom's!

As we know, the third trimester of pregnancy can be the most complicated, since the tummy is bursting and this can generate back and body aches in general.

This is why, as mothers, we have the right to take over all the pillows to surround ourselves with them and get the most comfortable position. Where the back and legs are well padded to fall asleep comfortably.

Reducing fluids at night

The baby, being much bigger, can push our bladder when it is a little full. Therefore, let's avoid drinking plenty of liquids when sleep time is approaching, so that our little one can't wake us up at night.

Avoid spending all day in bed or lying down

It's important to get a little physical activity, at least minimal. The ideal thing is to walk since it allows us to oxygenate ourselves, to go out, to break the routine. If we spend a lot of time in bed or lying down we will find it difficult to sleep.

Take advantage of the time of insomnia

If you can't sleep, get up, instead of lying down looking at the ceiling, make the most of the time: Plan, make a list, prepare baby shower invitations, read a book. If you occupy your mind in some activity, your brain will quickly occupy itself for a period and make you sleepy.

Avoids entertainment

Avoid social networks, youtube, netflix or tv. This helps to entertain you, it is that although they make time more bearable it will have the opposite effect and will not make you sleepy.

On the contrary, if you make the most of the time your brain will say "I'm tired, I'd better go to sleep".

Plan what's bothering you

The meaning of concern is to preoccupy oneself. Whether it's anxiety, nerves and fears that you can't sleep. The ideal is to identify that it doesn't let you sleep, and take care of it instead of forcing you to sleep.

For example, if you're anxious and can't fall asleep thinking about childbirth, you can plan the list of things you're going to wear or read more about it.

To stop worrying, just take about 10 minutes.

Let's relax with our baby.

One of the reasons we wake up in the middle of the night is because of our little one's movements. Let's remember that the baby is squeezed inside our belly and any movement it makes can wake us up.

That is why it is significant that we can relax together with the little ones, because in this way they will move much less during the night.

One of the things we can do to relax is listen to classical music or very soft instrumental songs so that both baby and mom can disconnect and relax together. In addition, this moment can serve to enliven the bond between mother and child.

Insomnia in pregnancy during the third trimester, as we could see, is more common than we thought, so carrying out these simple tips will help us to fall asleep and maintain sleep.

Remember that we need as much energy as possible for when the baby is born so that we can pamper them by taking care of all their needs. It is the ideal time to sleep as much as you need without remorse!

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