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  1. Instagram stories
    1. What's a story?
  2. How to create a story?
    1. How to add filters (augmented reality) to a story?
    2. How to add elements to a story?
    3. How to use other modes?
    4. How to use a saved photo instead of a new one?
  3. How to tag a user in a photo?
  4. How to save or share stories?
    1. How do I see who's seen my story?
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Instagram stories

Instagram made news in 2012 because Facebook had appropriated this billion-dollar application.

Instagram stories

Since then, it has grown in popularity and is today one of the most widely used applications.

Its feature stories, strongly inspired by Snapchat, is one of the reasons for its success, but do you know how it works?

What's a story?

Launched by Snapchat, the history function allows the user to share one or more photos (or videos) and make them visible to contacts for a defined time.

After winning the hearts of the public, he quickly found his way to other applications: Instagram, Facebook and even WhatsApp.

The user can "manipulate" the content he wants to share in his story by adding, for example, filters in the images to obtain a little crazy effects.

For example, Instagram created a Halloween filter that in addition to distorting the image also added some suspense music.

How to create a story?

The first question is obviously the content: what do we want to show in our history? You have two options: photos or videos.

Don't worry, in both, it's very simple. First, enter the story creation mode: open Instagram and in the upper left corner, under 'News', you will find your photo next to a '+'. Plus, you'll find your friends' stories.

Now go to the Instagram camera. You will find a flash and a button to change the camera (front or rear), in short, very simple.

The operation mode is simple: pressing the shutter takes a picture, holding down records a video.

Once this is done, it will load and you will see a new menu that will show you "Your Story" (clicking will make it public), allow you to save it or send it to one (or more) particular contact(s) (through the arrow).

How to add filters (augmented reality) to a story?

Reality is not enough for some users, so Instagram offers to improve it. You can use filters that will give different results.

When you go to take your photo or video, you will find next to the camera change symbol an icon with a face that will take you to the world of filters and masks.

Then you choose the filter that interests you: ears and nose, hearts, sunglasses, etc.

Once the photo has been taken you can change the colour or add a filter. Just slide your finger over the photo and the options appear.

How to add elements to a story?

Once you've taken your photo, you'll see a series of icons at the top. The 'Aa' symbol allows you, of course, to add text (the size can be set on the left of the screen), the pencil allows you to draw (colors and shapes with customizable brushes) and the remaining symbol allows you to add text, an image or location (you can access this menu quickly by sliding your finger from bottom to top).

How to use other modes?

Everything we've seen so far is in the "normal" mode, that is, the default mode, but there are other possibilities. On the left, you have the 'Live' mode which, as its name suggests, allows you to transmit content in real time.

On the right, you will find the 'Boomerang' mode. This mode records a very short, GIF-style video loop. The 'Superzoom' mode was introduced with Halloween and consists of a zoom in with a little music.

If you know the age of VCRs, you can guess what the term 'Rewind' means: your video will be shown upside down. As for the latter, handsfree mode, is less original than the others because it "simply" allows you to take videos without having to keep pressing the button.

How to use a saved photo instead of a new one?

It's easy, once you enter camera mode, just slide your finger up and down and your latest images will open.

How to tag a user in a photo?

If you want to make sure one of your friends sees the photo or video in your story, you can simply tag it. It works like Twitter: it uses the @ symbol and then its nickname in Instagram using text mode. You will be notified.

Obviously, Instagram has thought about the privacy of the user, because maybe someone you don't follow will tag you and you don't want to. Therefore, you will always receive a notification to validate the label.

How to save or share stories?

Have you created such a beautiful story that you want to keep it? No problem, you can keep it. As I mentioned before, after taking the photo or video you will see the 'Save' option.

You can also share your stories automatically on Facebook. Just go to the options and at the bottom, check 'Share your story on Facebook.

How do I see who's seen my story?

It's very simple. All you have to do is click on your story and you will find in the bottom left corner the name of the people who saw it.

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