Windows 10: How to install the New File Explorer on your Computer

Microsoft announced its new, more “modern” file browser, to use the term of the publisher.

For now, it is aimed at Windows 10X, a version of Windows 10 specially designed for dual-screen devices.

New File Explorer

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But there is a way to install the new file browser on a classic Windows 10.

How to Install File Explorer

Microsoft launched its Windows 10X emulator, which allows you to launch the new operating system within Windows 10 itself.

Intended primarily for developers, it offers a good way to become familiar with the new operating system and some of the features and new design of Windows 10X, which will most likely reach the classic version of Windows 10.

Earlier this week, Microsoft also unveiled the new file browser for the same Windows 10X. If it is provided less than the usual browser, it is however simpler and clearer to use.

The good news is that it is not only for this version of the operating system. You can also enjoy it under the classic version of Windows 10. It does not replace the Windows 10 file browser and does not allow you to navigate through the entire tree structure of your hard drive.

Requirements for Installing New Windows Explorer 10

First, note that the procedure described below is not official. Installation of the new browser requires a package of files from the Russian site Thecommunity.

These files were analyzed by Windows Defender and Bitdefender antivirus. Although they were not detected as malicious software, it cannot be guaranteed that the method described below is 100% safe, even if used by US sites.

The installation requires two conditions:

Your Windows 10 must be 64-bit
You must log into your OneDrive account within the classic OneDrive application (the one installed by default on Windows 10).

How to take advantage of the new File Explorer in Windows 10

  • From the start button of Windows 10, click the setting icon or press [Windows] + [I] at the same time.
  • Then go to Upgrades and Security, and then to the Development Zone.
  • In the Development Mode section, set the cursor to On.
  • A message asks your permission to activate the development mode. Accept it.
  • Then download this file package. Unzip it to your primary hard drive, in a directory of your choice.
  • Opens the directory containing all the files you just recovered.
  • Click on the file install.ps1 and choose the option Run with PowerShell.

Once the installation is complete, the new Windows 10 / Windows 10X browser can be accessed from the Start menu. It is simply called File Explorer and has a small icon indicating that it is still in beta testing.

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