How to block your WhatsApp account if your iPhone is lost or stolen

How to block your WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used apps on smartphones and we carry tons of personal information on it.

Personal and professional conversations, photos, videos and now also documents of different types.How to block your WhatsApp

The importance of protecting this app from unwanted access is very important, as anyone who has access to our device will be able to send messages posing as us, as well as access all previous conversations, and the person receiving them would have no reason to suspect that it is not us.

That’s why if we lose or have our iPhone stolen and we don’t have an unlock pin or Touch ID configured, it’s important to act quickly and try to minimize the possible risks of someone trying to impersonate us through WhatsApp or access our content.

What do we do if our iPhone is lost or stolen to protect WhatsApp?

In case of loss or theft of your iPhone, the first thing you should do is access iCloud and put the device in lost mode. In this way, as soon as you connect to the Internet, the device will be blocked and you will not be able to access it easily.

What do we do if we don’t have iCloud configured and Search my iPhone on the device? First of all, we must say that this is a big mistake, since this function that Apple offers for free is tremendously useful in these cases, so if you do not have it active, configure it as soon as possible to avoid regrets in case of loss of terminals.

Block the SIM

If you have lost your terminal and do not have active service, the first thing you should do is contact your telephone operator to ask them to block the SIM card of the equipment and make a duplicate.

The next step should be to activate WhatsApp with that duplicate on another smartphone immediately, so that the lost device will no longer be able to send messages from your account and because the SIM is blocked can not be activated again.

If you do not have another terminal from which you can activate the service immediately, what you should do is deactivate the WhatsApp account remotely.

To do this, and following the instructions of WhatsApp’s own website, we must send an email to with the subject Telephone stolen / lost: Please deactivate my account and in the body of the email write our phone number in full format (ie with the country code).

WhatsApp will deactivate the service as quickly as possible and will not be able to send/receive messages until the service is activated again with the confirmation SMS sent to the associated phone number.

Something that we will only have in the duplicate of the SIM that our telephony operator has given us to blockthe lost card with the iPhone.

Deactivating the WhatsApp account does not mean that we disappear from the contact list of users who have our number.

We will continue to appear for the next 30 days, at which time the account will be completely deleted if we don’t activate it earlier on another smartphone.

During those days, our contacts will be able to send us messages and we will receive them if we activate the account before the 30-day period mentioned above.

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