Keyboard shortcuts in Excel

Like Word, Excel has its own set of keyboard shortcuts to make this spreadsheet software easy to use and save you time. Let me tell you about them for a few moments.

With the keyboard shortcuts, you will save time when using Excel.

shortcuts in Excel

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No more searching for the mouse and scrolling through menus to get to a specific function, it's at your fingertips, using a combination of keys on the keyboard.

Here is a list of the most used Excel shortcuts. They are valid for all versions of Excel, including the recent Excel 2016, with some exceptions.

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  • Close a spreadsheet: Ctrl+W
  • Open a spreadsheet: Ctrl+O
  • Save a spreadsheet: Ctrl+S
  • Copy: Ctrl+C
  • Paste: Ctrl+V
  • Cut: Ctrl+X
  • Cancel: Ctrl+Z
  • Validate the cell and download: Entry
  • Validate the cell and upload: Shift + Enter
  • Confirm the cell and move to the right: Tab
  • Confirm the cell and move to the left: Tab+Shift

Navigation controls

  • Go to the previous cell in a spreadsheet or to the previous option in a dialog box: Shift+Tab
  • Reach the end of the active data region in a spreadsheet: Ctrl+Address key
  • Go to the last cell of the worksheet, in the last lower row of the last right column used: Ctrl+End
  • Move one screen down in the worksheet: Next Pg.
  • Go to the next page of a workbook: Ctrl+Pg. next.
  • Move one screen to the right of the worksheet: Alt+Pg. next.
  • Move one screen up in the worksheet: Pg. above.
  • Move one screen to the left of the worksheet: Alt+Pg. prev.
  • Go to the previous page of a workbook: Ctrl+Pg. pre.

Other more interesting

  • Go to the insertion tab: Alt+N
  • Go to the Home tab: Alt+H
  • Click Design tab: Alt+P
  • Go to the data tab: Alt+A
  • Select the display tab: Alt+W
  • Go to the Formulas tab: Alt+M
  • Select the active ribbon tab: Alt or F10
  • Move the selection to the ribbon commands: Tab or Shift+Tab
  • Move down, up, left or right between the ribbon elements: down, up, left or right respectively
  • Activate a selected button: Space or Enter
  • Open the list for a selected command: Down
  • Open the menu of a selected button: Alt+Down
  • Expand or reduce the tape: Ctrl+F1
  • Open a context menu: Shift+F10

Excel selection and formatting commands

  • Select the entire worksheet: Ctrl+A or Ctrl+Shift+Space
  • Go to the active sheet and the next sheet of a workbook: Ctrl+Shift+NextPg.
  • Select the active sheet and the previous sheet of a workbook: Ctrl+Shift+Pg.pre.
  • Enlarge the selection of a cell: Shift+Steering key
  • Extend the selection to the last non-empty cell in the same row or column as the active cell or, if the next cell is empty, to the next non-empty cell: Ctrl+Shift+Direction key
  • Choose a fill color: Alt+H, H
  • Bold: Ctrl+B
  • Italics: Ctrl+I
  • Underlined: Ctrl+U
  • Align the contents of one or more cells in the center: Alt+H, A, then C
  • Format a context menu cell: Shift+F10
  • Add borders: Alt+H, B

Delete a column: Alt+H, D, then C

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