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Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10

Keyboard shortcuts to know

Windows 10 is full of keyboard shortcuts to make life easier for the user. From the traditional shortcuts to the less famous ones, here is our list of the best “shortcuts”.

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Windows is the best known and most widespread operating system in the computer landscape, Windows 10 is even installed on almost 50% of the world’s computers.

Since its first versions, the Microsoft operating system has offered keyboard shortcuts to facilitate use and speed up various actions.

As Windows versions have evolved, shortcuts have multiplied, so a considerable amount of time can be saved by using these key combinations, after all it is the very principle of a shortcut. We have listed the most useful ones, to increase productivity in Windows 10.

Window shortcuts

Windows 10 has brought new options to manage its windows and keyboard shortcuts have also benefited. Thus, it is possible to resize the screen of a window, open new tabs and navigate between them and many others.

Most of these shortcuts can be used in many tools such as a web browser, word processor or file browser.

  • Windows + left arrow: reduce the window to the left half of the screen
  • Windows + right arrow: reduce the window to the right half of the screen
  • Windows + up arrow: reduce the window to the upper half of the screen (+ the side where it had already been reduced)
  • Windows + down arrow: reduce the window to the lower half of the screen (+ the side where it had already been reduced)

Windows even offers you an extra window to fill in a possible blank

And let’s not forget the shortcut to go from one window to another.

  • Alt + Tab: navigate between windows

A menu is displayed, just click on the tab to select the right window and then release the alt key to open it in the foreground.

  • Alt + Left arrow: back
  • Alt + Right arrow: next
  • Alt + F4 : close a window
  • F5: Refresh a window
  • Windows + E: open the file browser
  • Windows + M: minimize foreground window
  • Windows + D: return to desktop/hide desktop
  • Windows + , : description of the desktop

The windows will be made transparent so that the desktop can be seen while the keyboard is being pressed.

Common shortcuts

To manage and modify files, text or other documents, many will use the right click + manipulation technique to be performed. Windows, however, offers much simpler and faster ways to perform some of these tasks.

  • Ctrl + C: copy
  • Ctrl + V: paste
  • Ctrl + X: cut
  • Ctrl + S: save
  • Ctrl + A: select all
  • Ctrl + Z: cancel previous action
  • Ctrl + Y: Restore undone action
  • Ctrl + P: print
  • Delete: go to trash
  • Shift + Delete: delete a file without going through the recycle bin

To avoid unintentional deletion, Windows will still ask you to confirm whether you want to delete the file permanently.

  • F2: rename the selected file
  • Alt + F8: display a password
  • Windows + Space: Change the keyboard input language
  • Windows + ; : opens the emoji keyboard

Virtual Desktop Shortcuts

Virtual desktops are one of the most convenient features of Windows 10. Present in MacOS for a long time, this option has come to PCs with the latest version of the Microsoft system.

This feature allows you to create several “virtual desktops” – as the name suggests – to be divided, for example, according to their usefulness. Each desktop can have its own theme: one dedicated to music, work, video games, etc.

  • Windows + Ctrl + D: create a new virtual desktop
  • Windows + Ctrl + Right Arrow: go to the next virtual desktop
  • It can also be Windows + Ctrl + Left Arrow: go to the previous virtual desktop
  • Windows + Ctrl + F4: close the open desktop
  • Finally Windows + Tab: opens the task viewer and navigates between the desktops and open applications

The different desktops created are on the top left, the rest of the page is used as a shortcut to open different windows or recent files.

Cortana search and shortcuts

Although not as advanced as MacOS and its Spotlight, Windows also has a file and software search system that makes it easier to find something than to search for it yourself.

In addition, Windows now hosts Cortana, a voice assistant like Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. Whether you want to activate it to talk to her with your voice or in writing, there is a dedicated keyboard shortcut!

  • Windows + S: Opens the search menu
  • Windows + C: talking to Cortana

Depending on the requests, Cortana will either answer you directly or direct you to a Bing search.

  • Windows + A: open the Notification Center
  • Windows + X: opens the startup context menu for quick access to functions

The context menu allows access to some advanced Windows settings

Parameter shortcuts

Windows allows some freedom to modify certain settings, from classic to more complex manipulations. Microsoft has established several keyboard shortcuts to access these settings.

  • Windows + I: Open the Windows configuration
  • Windows + V: open the clipboard
  • Windows + L: lock the computer
  • Windows + R: Opens the “Run” menu.

Print: take a screenshot that will be on the clipboard

Windows + Print: takes a screenshot that will be saved in the dedicated folder

Windows + Shift + S: opens the advanced screenshots menu

This screenshots menu allows you to take a screenshot according to several options

  • Ctrl + Alt + Delete: opens the Windows security options, allowing from this menu to open the Task Manager
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc: open the Task Manager
  • Ctrl + Wheel up: zoom
  • Ctrl + Wheel down: zoom out
  • Windows + + : open the magnifying glass
  • Windows + G : opens the Xbox game bar
  • The Xbox Game Bar allows you to capture photos or videos from video games or measure CPU, GPU and RAM performance.
  • With all these shortcuts, you will be able to perfect your use of Windows and save a few precious seconds on certain actions you will have to perform with your PC!

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