How can you easily clone an Android & IOS phone without using an application?

How to clone a phone

Cloning has always been a very delicate issue, both in the biological field with the cloning of living species and in the technological field. In computer science, the term cloning very often refers to the duplication of data.

clone a phone

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Indeed, it is very beautiful and very possible to clone the data present on a device such as a phone or a computer.

Taking the case of the telephone, nowadays there are even simpler techniques to clone the data present in a mobile terminal.

As information we can have photos, messages, videos, music, contacts, applications etc..

The principle of cloning then lies in being able to replicate the same information on another phone so that there is no difference in information between the two phones.

You can, for example, take a Samsung s10 phone and clone the content of the latter into another Samsung s10, so that if someone were to take these two phones it would not make any difference.

Of course, you can clone a Samsung phone to an LG or clone different brands of phones.

How to clone on Android

To clone an Android phone the principle is very simple, you only need to have a valid Gmail address to which you will connect to the phone, since each email address has a free online storage space, you will be able to sync all the information present in your phone to this email address by going to :

Settings> Account>Google> Choose your email address> and click Synchronize to upload all the data you have in your Google Cloud. Don’t forget to check the synchronization of all the elements (contact, message…)

For data like photos you can use the Google photo gallery application that you can get by clicking here, which will also allow you to easily save your data in the Cloud, and for your message you can also use the Google message application.

Once your data is in the Google cloud, to duplicate it on another device just go to that device and insert your email address and all your data will be accessible on the new phone.

Therefore, the principle is quite simple for Android phones, either in sync or in recovery.

How to clone in IOS

To clone in IOS the principle is exactly the same as in Android, you have a free storage space in the cloud, but the only difference is that in IOS this space is limited to 5Gb only, which is not enough if you have a large amount of data to clone. In this situation, one of the best solutions is to subscribe for more space.

In other operating systems such as Windows the principle is the same, it is about storing information in the cloud and making it available on all our different devices.

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