How to remove a cyst on the scalp ?

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How do you remove a scalp cyst?

First, let's take a look at the "cyst". This cyst appears as a hard, moving ball located under the scalp, usually painless, measuring approximately one centimeter in diameter.

scalp cyst

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If you have just seen it, you should show it to a doctor, as explained by Dr. Ludovic Rousseau, a dermatologist and expert on the Dermatonet site:

"Any nodular lesion should be shown to a physician to remove a malignant tumor or to distinguish it from another tumor that is benign but cannot be removed.

The cyst can become inflamed and infected, sometimes as a result of trauma, making it hot, painful, red ...

In this case, you should consult your doctor without delay to avoid the abscess and its complications: the doctor may then make an incision in the infected area and/or treat it with antibiotics.

When to take it off

When the cyst is invisible under the hair, totally benign, painless, many patients are fine and do not feel the need to touch it.

For others, and especially if the cyst grows and becomes visible, it must be removed. Go to the dermatology office to discuss this and see what can be done.

When the cyst reaches a few centimeters in diameter, patients of both sexes usually request this ablation, which requires some precautions.

  • The ablation can only be done with a "cold" magnifying glass, that is, not infected.
  • The cyst to be extracted must be completely painless, and the skin must be a normal color, in no case red.

When all precautions are taken, the extraction can be done in the dermatologist's office in two ways:

  • The doctor will make an incision with a punch (a kind of circular scalpel) and then will perform an emptying and evagination of the shell with tweezers.
  • The second possibility is to perform a surgical excision, i.e. the removal of the magnifying glass with a scalpel, followed by stitches.

Once the cyst is removed, it usually does not recur, but it is possible to see other magnifying glasses appear elsewhere on the scalp.

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