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The lime tree (Tilia cordiata, the most widespread species in France) is a large tree of the Tiliaceae family that grows in European forests and is found in our parks and urban gardens.


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In phytotherapy, its flowers, leaves and part of its bark, the sapwood, are used for their many health benefits and virtues.

  • Garden: growing linden trees well

Linden and its health benefits

Sedative, diuretic and antispasmodic, linden flowers are recommended for their virtues on the nervous and digestive systems.

At night, an infusion of linden flowers (5 g of flowers per cup of boiling water) promotes slow and difficult digestion, calms anxiety, relieves headaches and helps insomniacs to go back to sleep (especially in case of stress).

The sapwood of the linden tree stimulates the work of the liver, regulates bile secretion and improves kidney function.

Linden is an excellent remedy for flu and colds. It lowers fever, reduces nasal secretions and relieves headaches and associated pain.

Just before bedtime, a bath with linden flowers seems to calm restless children, but also adults who suffer from nervous fatigue, insomnia or anxiety.

In case of itching or dryness of the skin, of the springs and the small grains, a lotion based on a decoction of linden flowers, to be used as beauty water, calms the skin (50 g of dry flowers to be boiled in one liter of water).

Growing linden for its benefits

  • This tree, which can grow up to 40 meters high and live for several centuries, needs a non-burning sun and a well-ventilated space. It appreciates deep, cool (even wet) and consistent soils, even limestone.
  • Be careful, the linden tree attracts all kinds of fodder insects: make sure you place it away from the house.
  • Garden: growing linden trees well

Lime trees in the kitchen for their benefits

The young flowers and leaves of linden flowers can be incorporated into a salad, but linden flowers are especially appreciated for the taste of their flowers consumed as an infusion.

Linden honey, with a very pronounced and slightly bitter taste, is recommended for anxious, nervous or insomniac people.

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