How to view a LinkedIn profile without being seen

Want to see a LinkedIn profile that you haven't seen or heard? Here's how Private LinkedIn mode allows you to browse anonymously

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If you are looking for a job or are curious about where a former office colleague works, then go to THE professional social network, LinkedIn.

And if a user consults your profile it is generally because they are interested in you professionally, surely you would like to know who they are. However, sometimes they may decide to hide their identity, which can be very frustrating.

Would you like to do the same and browse from profile to profile in secret? This is possible, but the disadvantage is that LinkedIn will prevent you from seeing who has seen yours (unless you are a premium member).

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  1. View a LinkedIn profile without being seen
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View a LinkedIn profile without being seen

Follow these short steps to view the profiles without being seen, either on the LinkedIn site or in the application.

From your computer:

  • Go to LinkedIn and click on your profile icon.
  • Select Preferences and Privacy
  • In the left menu, go to How others see your LinkedIn business
  • Select Settings for profile views
  • In private mode, check the box for anonymous LinkedIn user.

From the LinkedIn application:

  • Profile
  • Preferences
  • Privacy statement
  • Profile View Options
  • Private mode - You will be in a totally private mode

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