How to remove Lint from from your clothes

Lint from from your clothes

Have you ever noticed that when you wash your clothes it comes out with little white Lint from stuck on it?

These are formed when the fibers break, separate and come together again. They are more common in fabrics such as wool, cotton, cashmere and sometimes polyester garments.

Generally this happens for two reasons: firstly, your clothes have been in use for some time, and secondly, you don’t take care of them during washing and drying.

Now that you know why they appear you can take better care of your clothes, but those that already have those little Lint from have a solution, try these simple homemade tricks that will help eliminate them completely.

Green Fiber Sponge

The first tip to remove those unsightly little balls from your garments is to take a completely dry and clean green fiber sponge and gently wipe it over the surface for several minutes. With this you will see that they will come off quickly and without damaging your clothes.


If your clothes have several of these small Lint from, you can remove the larger ones by hand and the smaller ones can be removed with the help of a disposable razor. Stretch the garment very well on a flat surface and pass it gently over the fabric, always try to go in the same direction in which the fabric goes.
Adhesive tape

If the balls in your garment are not so many, you can put some adhesive tape on the fabric, it is important that the glue of the tape is strong enough to remove them.

Correct washing

To avoid the appearance of these annoying Lint from and lint in your clothes, it is advisable to wash them in a gentle cycle or by hand. The first thing you should do is turn over the flannel or sweater before washing it, this way you avoid damaging the fabric. And when you’re going to dry it, leave it out in the open.

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