Lose Weight Quickly & With some Changes in the Kitchen

Lose Weight Quickly

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but could also be the key to spare pounds.   Everything, from the size of the portions to the brightness of the lights, has a direct impact on the amount of food you consume.

Analyze these and other indicators in this area as factors for weight gain, as well as ideas to get the scales to move in your favor.

Your plates are huge

“Most people are in the habit of filling their plates and finishing everything they put on them”. The bad thing is since the 1970s the plates have grown by 25%, to a diameter of 30 cm or more.

If the size was 5 cm smaller, the number of calories taken in per meal would be reduced by 22, which equates to a loss of one kilo per month.

Rethink your priorities

Use salad plates to serve food that contains greater calories, like pasta, and for dinner, load them with vegetables.

If you are planning to buy a dinner service, check that the diameter of the plates is 25cm maximum.   If you choose a smaller one, you may want to eat twice.

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You use too much light

The glare of many watts raises stress levels, stimulating appetite and causes you to eat faster than normal, according to recent studies.   An environment that is too dim is also not good, studies have shown that it “lowers inhibitions”.

The modern kitchens have

Halogen lamps beneath the top cabinets, spotlights strategically recessed in the ceiling, or hanging lamps that direct the light to where it is needed, for example the breakfast nook.   When cooking, turn on the lights you want.

But, at mealtime, use discretion: do not use more than 240 watts in total.   It is equivalent to four 60 watts lights in one hanging lamp or six spotlights embedded with 40 on each one, without fluorescent lights, we use 75 to 100 watts on average.

A messy space makes it difficult to eat healthy because it makes it much easier to order a pizza than to clean out until to free the work area for cooking.

In addition, the pile of papers, food containers and tackle generates stress, which raises the level of cortisol in the blood, and produces more hunger.

Create a special place for correspondence and letters, and keep areas clear enough to make food.

It also saves some equipment like the steamer or processor behind some easy access shelf.   And reserve an area only for eating.

When you separate eating from other activities, it is easier to focus on your hunger and listen to the signals of satiety.   Studies show that being distracted you can eat 15 more.

The Size Care to Lose Weight

People tend to serve more soda and juice when they use short and large diameter glasses than when these are tall and thin, according to recent research.

This is because we tend to focus on the height of the beverage to serve.   Only 58 ml of orange juice every morning could make you up 1.5 kilos in a year.

Choose tall glasses for soft drinks and juices, and keep the wide ones for plain water or other low calorie, thirst quenching beverages.   When you’re trying to lose weight, what you take has a greater impact than what you eat.

Do you want motivation?   Studies report that it is possible to lose half a kilo in six months only if you reduce one sweetened beverage a day.

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