Signals that your engine is losing power

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  1. We give you the most common.
    1. You step on the accelerator, it doesn't respond or it pulls.
    2. Fire and smoke
    3. Vibrating exaggeratedly
    4. When it's tilted
    5. Light Check Engine
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We give you the most common.

The engine is the vital part of your unit, having it in good condition will allow you to get anywhere without problem and avoid some setback when you need it most.

Its good operation depends a lot on the power it gives, because without it working at 100% you can not accelerate to pleasure, pass and move easily in traffic or if you go on the road.

engine is losing power

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It is for this reason that on this occasion we give you 5 signals that indicate that your engine is losing power and take the necessary steps to fix the problem, either on your own or as recommended with your head mechanic.

You step on the accelerator, it doesn't respond or it pulls.

If pressing the accelerator pedal hard, you lose power and feel the vehicle pull, it is possible that a failure in the injection system is preventing your engine from having the extra fuel it needs to accelerate.

Perhaps the problem is a clogged injector, a leaking fuel line, a saturated fuel filter, or even that the fuel pump is not working properly.

Fire and smoke

If a sudden fire or too much smoke comes out of your unit's exhaust, it may be that the vehicle is burning too much gasoline or there is too little spark, whichever the case this may give you a loss of power.

If fire comes out of the exhaust it means that the fuel air mixture is not fully ignited in the combustion chamber, so it is ignited anywhere in the system. Failures in the air-fuel range and electrical defects can trigger fire sparks.

On the other hand covered spark plugs oil, dirty or with other types of deposits do not generate good spark, if black smoke comes out of the exhaust it is possible that the problem lies in the spark plugs.

It should be noted that black smoke can also be caused by a fault in the air-fuel mixture, which is overloaded with gasoline. Now if there is a spark of fire but no black smoke there may be little fuel in the mixture.

Vibrating exaggeratedly

If when you reach a high your engine begins to shake exaggeratedly and you feel the vibration even in the steering wheel as in the body, this can be a sign of a loss of power and perhaps the failure is again a problem ignition in the cylinders.

Other indications that there is something wrong in this area are difficulty when turning the unit on, engine shutdown while stationary (especially if the air conditioning is working, with active lights or defroster running), as well as high fuel consumption.

An engine has trouble starting for three main reasons: loss of spark, loss of understanding or a failure in the air-fuel range.

When it's tilted

If your vehicle stops or suffers as you go down a slope, this is another indication of power loss.

Normally this failure is attributed to a clogged fuel filter, as this part removes debris from the same liquid it becomes saturated, so the gasoline pump has to work harder to push the vital fluid through the filter.

It is for this reason that in a slope or steep road, where more power is required, the required amount of fuel does not arrive to do the job.

Light Check Engine

We have noted several signs that lead to a loss of power; however, one that will be displayed on your vehicle's dashboard is the Check Engine light.

If it comes on, it can indicate that there is a problem, not only with the power, but also with the catalytic converter, the oxygen sensor and the air flow mass sensor, among others.

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