Losing Weight: 35 Tricks to Achieve it Quickly

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Losing Weight

You want to lose weight but don't want to go on a diet?   By following this advice, you can lose weight without dieting or eating less. Here are a few simple tricks which can help you.

1.   1. Dilute juice.   Instead of drinking regular juice, dilute it with half water.   You can cut up to 85 calories per cup.

2.   Use a cordless phone.   When you talk on the phone, instead of lying down and watching television, you can put clothes in the washer, set the table, water the plants, etc.

3.   Chew gum.   It has been found that chewing sugar-free gum all day helps to raise your metabolism by 20%.

4.   Pay for gifted sweets.   If someone gives you a candy, put a 10-cent coin in a can. Later, give this money to someone who needs it.   It will cost you more to accept "free" candy when you're actually paying a price for it.

5.   Read the wrapper!   At first, it may seem that a sweet or chocolate has, say 200 calories, but if you look closely, almost all have two portions and hence has twice the calories.

6.   Drink green tea before exercise   Caffeine liberates fatty acids, making you burn fat more quickly.   And the antioxidants in the tea, together with the caffeine, help you burn calories more quickly.   (If you have high blood pressure, it's not good to drink tea).

7.   Avoid diet shakes.   Save yourself the empty calories, because later they make you hungry and you eat more

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Stay well hydrated always and remember that for it nothing beats water.

8.   Eat dinner at home.   Dining in restaurants five or more days a week can make you gain weight (at least, you are consuming 300 more calories per day).

9.   Replace butter.   Put olive oil on the bread in place of butter; it is healthier and helps you feel more satisfied, so you eat less.

10.   Use linseed powder.   Linseed is high in fiber and it helps you to satiate yourself quickly and eliminate calories.


11.   Dressing low in calories (20 cal.   and 1.5 grams   of fat).  mix one tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil, and 3/4 teaspoon of mustard.

12.   Take a blood test.   One in every 12 women (the majority of whom are unaware) have some kind of thyroid problem which can slow their metabolism.

13.   Drink a lot of water.   The more water you drink, the better for your body. It also fills your stomach and makes you feel a little less hungry.

14.   Trick your taste buds.   Sucking on a mint or eucalyptus candy can help eliminate the desire to eat.

15.   Season your food.   Use lots of hot spices in your meal, it can help you stop eating sooner.

16.   Drink a white cocktail.   Like water, low-fat milk fills your stomach and also contains carbohydrates which make you eat less.

17.   Chopped Salad.   Cut the pieces of lettuce, carrot, tomato, etc. in large pieces (rather than grating them or cutting them small). It takes more work to chew large pieces, so it's more likely you chew more and eat less.

18.   Talk on the phone to a friend.   Fill the moments of doing nothing with chats, not with cookies.

19.   Record what you eat.   Writing what you eat can help you to have more control. It does not have to be super accurate, but writing helps you to know more or less what you have eaten in a day and to control yourself.

20. Move your body.   Taking the stairs, engaging in some kind of sport, long walks in the fresh air, walking to work, etc., helps burn calories.   The exercise is healthy, free and has many advantages.

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Do not consume as much salt and prefer the one that has lower sodium content and only eat one meal at each meal.

The Salad

21.   Hide the remote control.   You can easily burn 200 extra calories a day if you stop using the controller and do everything by hand (change the channel, put on a movie, open the garage door, open a can, etc.).

22.   Use spray oil.   When making the salad, chicken, fish, or pasta, use spray oil, preferably olive oil.   A two-second spray of oil distributes approximately 1/2 a teaspoon of oil, compared to 2 or 3 that you would have to put if you did not use a spray.   This saves you some 100 calories.

23.   Buy in small portions.   The bigger package of the food you buy, the more you have to eat.

24.   Practice intervals.   When you go jogging, increase your speed in the last lap.   This helps you burn more calories without extending the exercise time.   It also helps strengthen your muscles and bones.

25.   Measure the quantity of food.   It is very easy that you a hand of pasta   That is why before beginning to eat, measure the quantity of what you are going to eat, so that you do not eat more than that amount.

26.   Rent a scary movie.   When you are afraid, normally you are not hungry and you give less.   And when you are happy or angry, normally you are more hungry.

27.   Reflect on your choices.   Look at yourself in a mirror while you are eating; this will help you consume 22-32% less

28.   Drop and do 10 reps.   Before you open a snow lunch or chocolate that you have in your hands, let this by side and do 10 squats and abdominal.   Most likely you do sprints and or until you forget what you were going to eat.

29.   Smell the food.   When you have a strong craving for some freshly-baked cookies in your home, try this: focus on the scent for about 30 seconds, then put a small piece on the tip of the tongue for another 30.   Savoring the scent and the flavor can help you not to eat more than one cookie.


30.   Eat soup with pieces of vegetables.   If you eat soup with large pieces of vegetables, you get tired faster and you get more full than if you eat a cream soup or broth.

31.   Soak up the grease.   With a paper napkin, you can get rid of almost a teaspoon of oil (or 40 calories and 4.5 grams of fat) from two pieces of pizza.

32.   Eat "heavy" food.   The calories and grams of fat in food aren't what fills you up -- the weight of the food is.  Eat less and feel satisfied with heavy foods that are low in calories (oranges, strawberries, grapefruit, cooked spinach, broccoli, etc).

33.   Choose fish.   Various types of fish are rich in omega-3 (fatty acids), which can help you burn calories thanks to putting your metabolism to work.   People whose weight-loss diet includes fish lose 20% more weight than those with a diet without fish.

34.   Inspire.   When you have already developed a good rhythm of healthy eating and you don't want to stop, you can place little signs in various places in your house (including the refrigerator and pantry) with message like: "Nothing tastes better than being skinny feels", "Don't be defeated by a simple cookie".

35.   Drink lots of water.   Dehydration can slow down your metabolism by 3%.   You should drink lots of fluids, preferably water...

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