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You don’t have to be a fortune-teller to know that the majority of people who come to a traumatology consultation are due to lumbago.

This pain is felt at least once due to poor posture, affecting the lower back without the person being aware of it.

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The lumbago usually appears suddenly, and when people feel it they question the origin of this uncomfortable pain, although there is the possibility that it is caused by a strong pathology, most of the times it is due to an excessive effort or malformation.

This article details the types and causes of low back pain, including its prevention and most importantly: how to cure it with home remedies easy to prepare and apply.

What is lumbago?

Any discomfort or pain originating from the lumbar area of the human body, causing a state of tension and tenderness in the muscles of the area. Low back pain can directly affect the vertebrae, muscles, intervertebral discs, and ligaments of the lower back.

The duration or cycle of lumbago can vary between days or weeks depending on the cause and treatment applied to heal the back.

Types of lumbago

Mechanical low back pain: This type represents the highest percentage of cases of low back pain and is manifested as a symptom of a disease in the spine.

Neurogenic Lumbago: It is the second most common type, but with a much lower percentage compared to the mechanical. It’s caused by hernias in the area.

Inflammatory Lumbago: It is produced by inflammations in the area, can be caused by arthritis or serious injuries.

Systematic low back pain: This is rare and is caused by systemic diseases such as cancer or tuberculosis in the spine.

Psychogenic Lumbago: It is related to psychological causes, the patient expresses the false pain to find economic or emotional compensation.

Causes of low back pain

  • Muscle tearing.
  • Muscle tension.
  • Arthritis.
  • Falls.
  • Poor posture of the spine.
  • Sudden movements.
  • Little physical activity.
  • Weight-bearing overstrain.
  • Aneurysm.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Hereditary factors.
  • Fracture of the bones of the spine.
  • Herniated disc.
  • Spinal cancer.
  • Infections in the spine or kidneys.
  • Renal calculus.
  • Diseases that affect the female reproductive system.

Low back pain prevention

To prevent low back pain, it is advisable to avoid footwear with heels and postures that generate bad positions such as ergonomic tables and chairs or standing or sitting for a long time.

Work that requires a relapsing force on the back, as well as any sudden or unexpected movement that may affect the muscles, should be avoided.

At bedtime, it is recommended to use a pillow placed between the legs and establish a fetal position to relieve the load on the back.

Of course, morning exercise is always necessary whether in a gym or at home, just a few repetitions of basic exercises are enough to strengthen the muscles and the whole area in general.

Other factors such as overweight should also be prevented by using diets rich in healthy foods that provide the necessary nutrients.

Finally, consulting a specialist or chiropractor to perform a physiotherapy is ideal to establish a treatment with analgesics if necessary or detect any disease that may be causing low back pain.

Home Remedies to Eliminate Low Back Pain

  1. Ice is the first homemade treatment on the list due to its simplicity and effectiveness when applied, as the cold it causes works as an anti-inflammatory, relieving the lower back area.

To apply, several ice cubes must be placed in a bag to be placed on top of the back, specifically in the painful area for twenty minutes doing several repetitions a day.

  1. The lamp is not really an object that is considered a medical tool or part of the first aid kit, however, the trick is in the heat it generates, relaxing the muscles and increasing blood circulation, effective in ending low back pain.

To apply you must aim the radiant light produced by the lamp towards your back for a few minutes several times a day. Alternatively, a heating pillow can also be used.

  1. Tea tree oil is recommended by health food stores to eliminate any type of low back pain.

To apply, mix twenty drops of tea tree oil in a bathtub or tub with hot water to prepare a relaxing and healing bath. Small compresses should be placed over the painful area during bathing to improve results.

  1. Rest is a state of tranquillity and rest highly recommended for cases of discomfort in the muscles, especially the back. This practice is beneficial if postures are applied to relieve pressure in the lower back.

To apply you need a bed with an orthopedic mattress comfortable enough to position yourself on your side and place a pillow between your legs.

  1. Milk and cabbage are a combination that results in an ideal muscle relaxant for the back area.

To apply, mix the cabbage in a bowl with milk to let it rest for five minutes. The cabbage must be handled with a cloth and the lumbar area must be previously washed.

The final result of the mixture is used in a bath with tub or bathtub with warm water. Kale is recommended for this remedy because of its highly beneficial health properties.

  1. Salted parsley is another effective mixture for relaxing the area affected by lumbago as well as nourishing the skin with the properties of these ingredients.

To apply, parsley branches are needed to mix with a few pinches of salt to place in the lower back for twenty minutes. Then rinse the area with water and dry with a towel to remove any parsley residue.

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