How to make giant soap bubbles

Make giant soap bubbles

I’m sure you’ve ever seen giant soap bubbles and wondered how those big bubbles are made.

The truth is that although it may seem like child’s play, soap bubbles amuse both adults and children and can make us have a wonderful time as a family.

In the following article we will explain in detail how to make giant soap bubbles, giving you some tricks, tips to do it safely and showing you some of the games you can play with giant soap bubbles.

You’ll need it:

  • Water, 12 cups
  • Concentrated liquid soap, 1 cup
  • Glycerin, 2 teaspoons
  • Cornstarch, 1 cup
  • baking powder, 2 teaspoons

Steps to follow:


Once in a lifetime, we’ve all played with those jars of liquid and a small ring to make soap bubbles. Strong, consistent bubbles that didn’t explode easily. Then we have tried it at home and the results are disastrous; the bubbles burst before they form and they are unable to float – if we can do that.

The problem is that we don’t usually make a good mix, and more importantly, we don’t use the right ingredients. Next, we’ll explain what the liquid should bring to make giant soap bubbles.


To make giant soap bubbles you must first start preparing the liquid. Do you know how to do it? We’ll explain it step by step:

  1. Pour 12 cups of water into a large enough bucket.
  2. Add one cup of cornstarch to the water and dissolve gently stirring well.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients; glycerin, soap and baking powder, stirring the water to mix well.
  4. Let the mixture stand for one hour. However, if you see that the cornstarch is sedimenting at the bottom of the bucket you must stir gently so that it continues to dissolve.

Once that hour has elapsed so that the ingredients are mixed and placed until they obtain the texture and composition necessary for good soap bubbles to come out, you can start using it.

You should know that you can make bubbles without glycerin or baking powder, but by adding these two products you can be sure that the bubbles will be gigantic and will not break.


From here all you’ll need to have fun with your giant soap bubbles is a good bubblemaker or bubble-making instrument. You have many options, depending on how big you want them, but we will explain two of the easiest and best results:

  • A good option is to use a tennis or badminton racket without ropes. The oval hollow of the racket and the comfortable handle will be great for drawing huge soap sticks in the air.
  • The other alternative is more homemade, but second that you also have a great time making it. It is about taking and cutting two sticks of wood or other material about 30 cm long each. Later, with a wool rope or any other absorbent fabric 3 times longer than the sticks, we will tie it to the two sticks so that we have a hanging circle.

To make fantastic soap bubbles, simply immerse the fabric in the liquid and elevate it in the air, moving the bubble gently so that it fills and the bubble grows.

If your child is young, he or she may not have enough coordination to make soap bubbles this way, but there are alternatives for having a great time.

The most typical is to use a straw, soaking one end in soap and blowing gently through the other until the bubble grows. The other, with excellent results, is to use a funnel instead of a straw. With a much larger surface, the funnel can make giant soap bubbles that the child will hallucinate with.


So that the fun doesn’t end, here aresome ideas for games you can do with soap bubbles:

  • A classic in these cases is to make a bigger pomp competition. Obviously, it’s about making bubbles and whoever gets to make the biggest wins.
  • The bubble races are also very entertaining and exciting. Once you have your bubbles done, try to push them up by blowing or moving a card until you reach a certain point.
  • Now that you know how to make giant soap bubbles you can start learning how to make one bubble inside another. If you blow into a pomp without it exploding, you can create another pomp inside. A good game is to try to see who gets the most bubbles inside another bubble.


  • When the giant soap bubbles explode they leave the floor wet, be careful not to slip.
  • Warn and watch children not to swallow or drink the liquid to make soap bubbles.
  • For the bubbles to grow well large it is best to do it in a place without wind or too much sun.

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