How to make homemade compost for indoor plants

Homemade tips for fertilizing plants

Is there a homemade trick to fertilize my plants without having to spend a lot of money?

Discover some tips to fertilize plants easy.

make homemade compost
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Grind the eggshells and mix with the soil. You can also add the water where you cooked the eggs, as it has a lot of minerals, use the water as long as it does not have salt.

Another trick to help plants grow is to cook the vegetables and once the water is cold, water the plants with it as they have a high content of minerals and vitamins.

But remember, no salt in the water, because sodium damages plants.

If you have extra tea or coffee, you can mix it with the soil, it’s very good as fertilizer too.

Did you know that?

The soil must be removed periodically and kept moist. But never excessively wet.

If you wish, you can add biodegradable products as fertilizer as they dissolve naturally.

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