How a Master at Pokémon Go

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  1. Explanations for beginners
    1. What is Pokémon Go?
    2. How does Pokémon GO work?
    3. Play with non-compatible smartphones
    4. Eggs
    5. Elements
    6. Poképaradas
    7. Gymnasiums
    8. Pokémonedas
    9. Equipment
  2. Tips and tricks for becoming a Pokémon Master
  3. 1. Pokémon Go Plus Bracelet
  4. 2. Play Pokémon Go on a smartphone with root
  5. 3. Move fast
  6. 4. Lucky eggs
  7. 5. Collects objects automatically
  8. 6. Take them all.
  9. 7. Spend your candy in one Pokémon
  10. 8. Saves battery
  11. 9. Use each other's bait modules
  12. 10. Pikachu (I choose you)
  13. 11. Know your limits
  14. 12. Open your wings
  15. 13. The crunching of the leaves
  16. 14. Earn extra PX on a catch
  17. 15. Deactivates augmented reality (AR)
  18. 16. Spend coins wisely
  19. 17. Egg hatching
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Explanations for beginners

What is Pokémon Go?

You've probably seen someone or other, alone or in a group, gesticulating somewhat abruptly with their smartphone as they walked down the street.

They were probably playing Pokémon Go.

How a Master at Pokémon Go
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This game appeals to the nostalgia factor and the desire to collect. In Pokémon Go you have to find and catch Pokémon, funny little monsters, and use them to defeat each other's monsters.

The interesting thing about the game is that it makes use of your GPS position. Only if you move around a lot can you find new Pokémon and so-called gymnasiums to train them.

Because Pokémon is a brand that existed in Gameboy's day, it also addresses many people who grew up with games.

How does Pokémon GO work?

Of course, first you need the Pokémon Go application. Once downloaded, you can sign in with your existing Google Account or create a new one. Then you have to invent a name for yourself in the game and you can start right away.

When looking for little monsters, the application has to stay open and you have to walk around. Of course, it is important not to stare at the screen while walking.

This is not necessary because the smartphone vibrates briefly during important events, which in this case are the wild Pokémon. As soon as the smartphone vibrates, you'll see a small Pokémon on the map.

The capture screen will open. First he'll turn on the camera and show you the Pokémon in the real world.

Play with non-compatible smartphones

There are some smartphones where you won't find Pokémon GO in the Play Store, although hardware requirements require them to be compatible. Niantic hasn't manifested itself, but there are ways to install the game anyway. To do this, your smartphone needs the following system requirements:


  • Andoid 4.4 or higher
  • Root devices are not supported
  • Positioning and GPS Service
  • Resolution of at least 720 x 1280 pixels
  • Gyro equipment for AR mode


  • iPhone 5s or later
  • iOS 9 or higher
  • GPS and location services
  • Devices with Jailbreak are not supported

If your smartphone meets these requirements, but you still can't find the game in the Play Store, you'll have to get the APK file in another way.

As there are always erroneous versions in circulation, we recommend downloading to APKMirror. There you can always download the latest version and you don't have to worry.

Once you have downloaded the application, go to your smartphone settings and activate "unknown sources" in Device Security. Then you can install the application without problems. Then disable this option in the configuration.


During the game you'll always find eggs. These carry the Pokémon inside and you must incubate them by walking through the real world.

But to incubate an egg, you need an incubator. Select an egg and put it in the available incubator to start. There are eggs that hatch after 2 kilometers, but there are also eggs that hatch after 5, 7 or even 10 kilometers.


There are a lot of elements in the game. You will need them for various actions. Here we tell you the most important

  • Pokéballs: With the balls you catch wild Pokémon. At first you have Pokébolas, then super balls and then hyperballs. Especially for raid fights is the Premierball.
  • Potions: From level 5 onwards you will also receive potions, as from now on you will only be able to attack gyms. If your Pokémon are injured, you can heal them with these items.
  • Incense: The smoke is used to attract more wild Pokémon for 30 minutes to play more effectively. By the way, if you walk 100 meters in 5 minutes, more Pokémon will appear than if you just get stuck at one point. Since you don't get the item very often, it's best to use it wisely.
  • Lucky Eggs: You can activate these eggs to earn more experience points for 30 minutes.
  • Berries: From level 8 you can enjoy berries. These can be used in wild Pokémon before throwing a ball. Raspberry: This makes these Pokémon easier to catch and less likely to flee, especially if you encounter a strong but rebellious Pokémon.


The Poképaradas can be found anywhere on the virtual map. At these points you will receive new articles and 50 experience points. Objects may vary depending on the level and at first only Pokébolas are received (later also potions, animators and other objects).


I'm sure you've also noticed the colorful shapes similar to the Poképaradas. These are the gyms and will be exciting for you from level 5. Take advantage of them by fighting with your Pokémon and earn experience points and Pokémedas as a reward.


This is the coin of the game. With this you can purchase special items, which are rarely found in level upgrades. So they're not absolutely necessary, but they'll make you move faster;


Again and again you'll hear the question about your team. You can select it from level 5 by clicking on a field.

There are three teams in the game to choose from: Red Team (daring), Yellow Team (intuition) and Blue Team (wisdom). There's a great movement on the Internet that has fun with Team Yellow, but don't let it influence your choice of these fun photos. It's best to choose the right team together with your friends.

Tips and tricks for becoming a Pokémon Master

1. Pokémon Go Plus Bracelet

The Pokémon Go Plus Bracelet is available in Spain. The bracelet connects via Bluetooth to your phone and warns you of events such as the appearance of a Pokémon without having to have your smartphone constantly in your hands.

Thanks to its button you will also be able to catch Pokémon without having to take the smartphone out of your pocket.

2. Play Pokémon Go on a smartphone with root

If your device is rotated, you won't be able to play Pokémon Go. But there's a trick to solving it.

First we need to completely undo the root (if you have Xposed framework you will also have to uninstall it) and then make a wipe of the Dalvik.

Now we are going to download the latest version of Magisk (a tool that allows us to avoid the rooteo and custom rom check to use services like Android Pay).

We installed Magisk from recovery. Once installed we can roote again and install SuperSu for Magisk. Optionally we can also install the Magisk Manager (requires root).

3. Move fast

Poképaradas are the places where you can collect eggs, other artifacts and of course Poké balls, which you will need later to capture wild Pokémons.

If you're moving in a car, be very careful to pay attention where you're moving and don't constantly look at your smartphone's screen. Of course for if you want to play.

The number of Poképaradas you find will depend on the route you choose and the area where you are. You don't have to be directly on top of it, you can activate it and get its objects from several meters away as well.

4. Lucky eggs

Luck eggs temporarily increase your PX (level points), they double for thirty minutes. Use this feature in conjunction with incense, which makes wild Pokémon more likely to appear for 30 minutes, and also increases the chances of winning more PX.

5. Collects objects automatically

This is my number one time-saving tip. In a Poképarada, you rotate so that bubbles appear with objects and then click on them all. Just by clicking on the X button at the bottom of the screen, objects are automatically added to your inventory without having to touch them all.

6. Take them all.

You must take all the Pokémon you can find, even if you already have them. With each one you receive additional candies with which you will be able to evolve them. Also if you don't want to have it anymore you can always transfer it to Professor Willow in exchange for candy.

7. Spend your candy in one Pokémon

There is a type of candy for each Pokémon and they are necessary to achieve the evolutions. If you want to maximize effectiveness, evolve only one of them. The one that appears more frequently in the area where you normally are will be easier for you to evolve.

This is why you will be able to hunt more Pokémon of this type and therefore have more candies for this Pokémon. If you have evolved and strong Pokémons, you'll have more victories in the gyms.

8. Saves battery

Pokémon Go crush your battery, plain and simple. You need an internet connection, to use the camera from time to time and to have the GPS and screen constantly activated.

In order to take more advantage of the battery and to be able to play during more time we can activate the saving of energy. From the map screen tap the Poké Ball and 'Options' will appear at the top, check the 'Energy Saving' option.

You can also turn off the vibration and lower the screen brightness a little to try to save as much as you can.

9. Use each other's bait modules

Unlike incense, bait modules not only affect the person who uses them, they influence everyone in the area where they are placed. However, the effect is stronger for the user who uses it. If you play with friends they can also benefit.

Anyway, be very careful because there are people who have used this trick to lure people to isolated areas to rob them.

10. Pikachu (I choose you)

This is a good trick to get Pikachu as initial Pokémon. When you create a new account and start playing, Professor Willow asks you to pick up an initial Pokémon. Instead of taking Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle, stay away from them.

Keep walking until the device vibrates, then three more Pokémon will appear near you again. Repeat the operation until Pikachu appears so that you can have it as a starting Pokémon.

11. Know your limits

You're not guaranteed to catch all the Pokémon you want, so don't lose a lot of Poké Balls in creatures that are too strong.

To know the strength of a Pokémon we must not fix in the color and size of the circle that surrounds it. Green is the easiest, then comes yellow and the most difficult to catch are red. If the circle is small in easy to catch.

12. Open your wings

While it's important to capture a large number of Pokémon of a particular type to evolve into your favourites (see point six), it's also worth exploring beyond your comfort zone. The type of Pokémon you can catch changes depending on where you are.

13. The crunching of the leaves

Have you ever seen a strange movement of leaves on the map? This means that a Pokémon is rummaging through the floor. Come over and see if it's still there, you might find one.

14. Earn extra PX on a catch

This is a trick I was missing when I started playing. If you touch the Poké Ball and fasten it before throwing it, a few stars will appear around it. If you catch the Pokémon with this ball you'll get an extra 50 PX...

15. Deactivates augmented reality (AR)

Turning off augmented reality makes it easier to pick up Pokémon and saves more battery power. When you are ready to capture a Pokémon and you already have it on the screen above we have an option to deactivate the AR. This will turn off the camera.

16. Spend coins wisely

Don't waste your valuable coins buying Poké Balls, there are items that can help you much more and that you don't usually get in the Poképaradas. I would prefer incense, lucky eggs or bait modules, so you'll also get more PX points.

17. Egg hatching

To hatch an egg you must first place it in an incubator and then walk a certain distance to make it hatch. The only secret to making them hatch faster is to walk more. If you want to speed up the process you can use a bike but if the speed exceeds 13 or 20 km/h it will stop counting.

If you want to know what Pokémon you can get depending on the distance you can see our chart.

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