Guided Meditation for Pregnant Women: Learn the Best Techniques

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  1. Meditation for Pregnant Women
    1. Benefits of Guided Meditation for Pregnant Women
    2. What is guided meditation about?
  2. How do you meditate?
    1. Meditation with abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing
    2. Meditation to be more aware of the here and now
    3. Guided meditation for pregnant women
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Meditation for Pregnant Women

Although relaxation is recommended for all stages of our lives, pregnancy is a key moment to try to take away the stress, worries and all the emotional burden of carrying a baby growing in our womb.

Meditation is a very effective alternative when it comes to achieving a balanced mental and emotional state or when stress takes hold of our pregnancy.

Meditation for Pregnant Women

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Numerous studies link problems in the development of the baby with the emotional changes of the pregnant woman.

This is why, in addition to good nutrition and exercises, guided meditation for pregnant women is one of the most recommended practices to ensure the tranquillity and well-being of the mother and baby.

If you include meditation as a daily practice, you will find that just a few minutes will be enough for you to be able to connect with yourself and with your pregnancy and achieve an even more special experience from this stage.

These exercises are especially beneficial on those days when we feel tired, such as after a long day of work or a lot of agitation.

Benefits of Guided Meditation for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, women experience great changes in their bodies that intensify as the months go by.

The typical discomforts of this stage such as nausea, vomiting, tiredness, weight gain and other hormonal changes are very stressful, but fortunately, there are practices such as yoga or guided meditation for pregnant women that help make you more aware of these changes and prepare you calmly for the time of delivery.

There are many benefits that a few minutes of meditation a day can bring to the health of pregnant women, and here we tell you what are the most important.

  • Helps create a special connection with the baby
  • Increases energy and overall well-being of both
  • Promotes the development and growth of the child
  • Helps control fear and distress
  • Helps eliminate tension and stress
  • Helps you acquire more tranquility and serenity
  • Helps you focus and improve your concentration
  • Relaxes and strengthens the body for the time of delivery
  • Decreases anxiety and insomnia
  • It makes us lower our revolutions and stabilize our heart rate.
  • Stabilizes and regulates our breathing and our pressure
  • Promotes the full development of the baby's nervous system

Guided meditation for pregnant women promotes the full development of the baby's nervous system

What is guided meditation about?

When it comes to meditation, many people associate it with being hours and hours seated without moving, but in reality this practice only requires a few minutes a day.

However, in order to enjoy all its benefits, the ideal is to make it a habit in our daily routine.

Remember that to meditate you do not need to be a great expert, just spend a few minutes of your day starting with simple exercises that help us connect with ourselves. It is best to start practicing for 15 to 20 minutes, once or twice a day, and then increase the time.

It is necessary to choose and determine a quiet place for guided meditation. Can be a corner of the house, quiet and relaxed

How do you meditate?

There are different ways to learn to relax, through breathing and guided imagination. Before you start meditating you're going to need some elements to make everything much easier for you.

Try to find a meditation cushion, mat, carpet or yoga mat, a blanket (optional) and relaxation music that you can listen to while you are meditating.

After having everything you need, now you can start with your guided meditation exercises.

  1. It is important that you look for a comfortable place where you can be quiet and uninterrupted. It can be in any corner of our house or even outdoors. Atmosphere the room or space with relaxing music, some aromatic candle or incense if you prefer.
  2. Place a yoga mat or towel on the floor, with a cushion to make you more comfortable.
  3. We recommend that for this moment of relaxation you wear comfortable and loose clothing as well as staying barefoot so that the nerve endings of the sole of the foot are activated.
  4. Find the position that's most comfortable for you. The simplest position is to sit with your legs crossed on the cushion, with your back straight and trying to make the position as relaxed as possible. Remember that you will not be able to move for a while, so adopt a posture that makes you feel as comfortable as possible.

Any time of the day is good for guided meditation.

Meditation with abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing

Before starting meditation itself, we have to learn to breathe correctly, diaphragmatically or abdominally. The diaphragmatic breathing is deeper, when we inhale and exhale the abdomen should swell and deflate as if it were a balloon.

This type of breathing has great benefits for our health, among them it reduces heart work, stress levels and is highly recommended for pregnant women. To begin practicing this type of breathing, you must keep in mind that it must be slow, deep and conscious throughout the meditation.

  1. As soon as you close your eyes, breathe in gently and slowly, bringing the air down, then breathe in until your lungs are full. Hold the air inside for a few seconds before exhaling and as you exhale you feel your lungs and abdomen gradually empty.
  2. Concentrate on the different sensations produced by deep breathing and little by little you will relax.
  3. Continue with the exercise. Breathe in and out in three beats.
  4. Little by little, you will notice how your body will relax. The idea is to achieve a continuous, relaxed and natural breathing rhythm.
  5. Concentrate as much as you can on your breathing and clear your mind without distracting you, always keeping your attention on the abdomen and breathing. Avoid thoughts and worries... Leave everything that makes you uneasy aside.
  6. To finish, take three deep breaths and open your eyes. And ready you can get up to continue your day, but the best thing is to do it very slowly, without burdens or races.

Give yourself these minutes of tranquillity and relaxation...let your breathing take you.

Meditation to be more aware of the here and now

This simple method of meditation will help you try to concentrate on the here and now. You can devote between 5 and 15 minutes each day, and at each stage of your pregnancy.

  1. To start you can close your eyes and start with a slow breath. Listen to the sounds around you, let your mind recognize them one by one, and then let them go.
  2. Feel your body. Are you comfortable? To relax it, we focus our mental attention on the different areas of the body, from top to bottom or the other way around.
  3. As we put our mental attention on an area (e.g. feet, legs, back) we loosen the muscles there, until we notice them more and more relaxed.
  4. Gain awareness about your posture, the contact of clothes, the floor, the air.
  5. Now turn your attention inwards. Listen to the sounds that come from within you (the beat of your heart)
  6. Focus attention on your belly. Connect with the sensations that come to you from it. How does this area feel? Is there any movement of your baby?
  7. Watch your breathing and try to influence it.
  8. Take your time to reopen your eyes. Stretch your body a little and look around. Do you feel different?

Guided meditation for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a magical and unforgettable moment for every woman, but it is always possible to improve this experience even more, by being able to dispel the fears, tensions and concerns that affect the body and physical and mental well-being, not only during pregnancy, but also after giving birth.

Try these simple relaxation exercises and feel how you strengthen the bond with your baby, try it!

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