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Blanket Jackson Biography

Blanket Jackson was born as Prince Michael Jackson II on February 22, 2002, at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, near San Diego in Southern California through surrogacy. He is the youngest son of Michael Jackson and apparently would become the”king of rock”.

The identity of Prince’s mother remains unknown, as Debbie Rowe, who had the artist’s first two children, denied any biological connection to the child.

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Named Prince Michael Jackson II, the boy was known primarily by his name Blanket until 2015, when he changed it to’Bigi’. Blanket was seven years old when his father passed away.

Just begun in 2002, Michael Jackson starred in one of the reckless scenes captured on television.

The talented artist presented his son Prince Michael Jackson II (or Blanket) from a balcony, where he almost fell in front of all the pressmen by mistake.

The Custody of the Sons

Little Blanket was only 7 years old when the world ran out of Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009.

After that happened, the boy’s grandmother, Katherine Jackson, officially became his legal guardian and took care of him and his brothers, Michael Joseph, and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson.

Unlike his brothers Paris and Prince, he has decided to stay out of show business, or so he made us believe.

In public appearances, Michael Jackson’s eldest children always appear, but not the youngest.

He has reportedly preferred to live away from the media, and is, therefore, the only grandson who lives with the parents of the”king of pop”.

Persecuted by the press

Over the next few years, Blanket has been a masked character in the animated series South Park – in reference to the masks Michael used to cover his offspring with.

After the death of singer Michael Jackson, his sons Paris, Prince and Blanket were exposed to the public eye after years of zealously guarding their privacy.

Now, the youngest of the three, Blanket, has appeared in a photograph shared by his sister Paris Jackson and all the media have commented on the great physical resemblance he bears to his father.

Years later, transformed into a teenager and under the name `Bigi’, the youngest of the Jacksons reappeared in a photo published by his sister Paris on social networks.

Each of the children receives $8 million a year for education, security, vacation, and personal expenses, in addition to the $1 million that the grandmother receives for custody.

What happened to Prince Michael Junior?

This young man made his debut as an actor in the Beverly Hills series: New Generation.

Mature and with his feet on the ground, he confesses that he wants to build a career in the world of cinema.

In an interview with The Sun, he said,”I would like to be a Director. But I want to start from the bottom up.

I want to improve my skills, have roles in TV series and maybe even film series before I find myself behind the camera.

Prince Michael is also romantically involved with a young woman from California named Nikita Bess.

What happened to Paris Michael?

The only woman in Paris. Her full name is Paris-Michael Katherine. Michael’s death hit Paris particularly hard.

The young woman confessed to feeling traumatized after seeing her father die. Paris spent a year at a rest center in the state of Utah where they use horse therapy.

The possible bad relationship with her grandmother, who was left in charge of Michael’s three children after the singer’s death, would have strengthened the relationship between Paris and her birth mother after she left them after divorcing the king of pop.

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