How to make MIRROR NAILS 【 Tips and tricks 】


Aren’t you tired of always wearing plain-colored nails, stickers or small decorations? The new trend of nails called “mirror nails” is considered one of the most beautiful ways to present your nails but… How to make mirror nails correctly?

These nails attract a lot of attention from all over the world due to their appearance, they are incredibly beautiful and give a touch of elegance.

How to make MIRROR NAILS
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They are so eye-catching that they have quickly become one of the most revolutionary decorated nail looks in the industry.

With that metallic finish on your nails you’ll be able to see your own reflection on them. And instead of going to the beauty salon you can make them yourself and boast of incredible futuristic nails.

If you want to know how to make mirror nails keep reading, they are really easy to make, you just need to get chrome powder that will give you that metallic look.

How to do mirror nails step by step

The first thing you should do is prepare your nails, clean them of impurities, fix the cuticles and apply a layer of nail polish to protect them.

Then let them dry, if you have a much better led lamp as it will be taken out much faster. These lamps are used especially for gel manicures.

Paint your nails black or white, as it will make it easier for the chrome powder to set. But you can also use any base color.

At this point, you should apply the mirror dust on your nails, keep in mind that the dust is really fine, so try not to waste it. To expand it, use, for example, the eye shadow swab. It’s really not exactly ideal, but if you don’t have something else it can work perfectly.

With the cotton swab rub the powder against the nail, first very soft and then polish by squeezing a little to get as much shine as possible.

Don’t forget the tips and sides of the nail, everything should be the same color. Little by little you’ll see the metallic color coming out, it’s almost magical.

When you have finished, remove the excess dust that remains on your nail with a fan brush. And finally protect the color with an enamel, can serve anyone, but if you want to last longer use some brand.

You can make as many combinations as you want, use several colors and you will see the different results you can have.

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